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Mar 23

10 Things the Public Need to Know About Quantitative Trading

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Quantitative trading is a myth for many people, a first impression most people have is it involves very sophisticated skills, a large sum of investing money, and several high capacity PCs, etc. Indeed it may not be as complicated as you think. Below are 10 Things the Public Need to Know About Quantitative Trading. Please feel free to leave a comment should you think there are other important things missing.

10 Things the Public Need to Know About Quantitative Trading

Guest posted by Caxton FX: a foreign exchange company that sets itself apart by offering excellent value for money and great customer service.

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optionsdude Email Homepage
Enjoyed the post, thanks. We recently posted a guest article which examined the effects of increasing quantitative and HFT on the volatility of the underlying assets.

The conclusion?
These practices and products have without a doubt led to increased volatility in underlying assets.
Interesting stuff. I wonder if regulators will ever take a closer look at these things. They're always so far behind traders.

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