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Jun 2

15 Incredibly Stupid Ways People Made Their Millions

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9. Fetal Greetings

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What is the worst way of telling someone that you're pregnant? The guys at Fetal Greeting have certainly come very close to nailing it -- their website suggests that you should surprise friends, family, & even the expectant father with these one-of-a-kind cards. It sounds almost like a scenario for Maury Povich – ‘And the card says…Bob, you ARE the father.’

As is the case with most everything else on this list, there seems to be a positive correlation between the inanity of the product and it’s commercial viability. Fetal Greeting saw sales being reported in the million and climbing steadily.

10. www.MannequinMadness.com

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Mannequin Madness is a website that sells second-hand mannequins at third-hand mannequin prices. They boast that that have ‘the perfect body for you to buy or rent’ and the second-hand mannequin business is booming. The website stresses that the mannequins aren’t only good for traditional uses, like showing off clothes and making you feel bad about your body type. The website also suggests they be used for practical jokes and Halloween displays (read: causing heart attacks).

11. Big Mouth Billy Bass

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The Big Mouth Billy Bass was designed with the sole intention of driving people insane. It's a product for old people, who are the only ones to find its autonomous song incredibly novel. The singing fish is otherwise given as an unwanted box where it sits in the box to gather dust or is put out repeatedly at the same garage sale for two months. These two criteria make up millions of people, and the Big Mouth Billy Bass has made millions of dollars.
With its success has come the delightful discovery that hacks could leave the Bass able to sing any song.

12. www.ICanHasCheezburger.com

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I Can Has Cheezburger? burst onto the web scene in early 2007 and elevated the already rampant LOLcat meme to new level of ubiquitousness. The site, now a conglomerate of several extended memes, is primarily concerned with evoking humor from photos of cats with added, sometimes nonsensical, subtitles. The site was acquired a short eight months after is creation by a group of investors for a whopping $2 million.
Two million dollars for a website whose principle visitors are stoners and 13-year-old girls who have just learned how to use the internet. I Can Has Cheezburger? Revenue is solely advertising-based.

13. One Red Paperclip

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Kyle McDonald may not be a household name, but he’s definitely internet-famous, and he definite has a household -- one that he traded his way to from a solitary red paperclip (which, to be honest, looks used). It only took Kyle exactly one year and fourteen trades to make his way from a twisted piece of metal to a home for his family. Along the way, he travelled to the far reaches of Canada, all across the US, met Alice Cooper and Corbin Bernsen, and basically had one hell of a good time.
Finally, Kyle settled with a home at 503 Main Street, Kipling, Saskatchewan, Canada, and he still lives there to this day. His story stands as an example of how you can start with absolutely nothing, and then one day live in Canada.

14. Murder Clean Up

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What is an ambitious real estate flipper to do with the abandoned house whose floors have been ravaged by the waste and habitation of a feral cat community? What about the family whose estranged hoarder aunt dies from eating herself into a corner surrounded by mountains of garbage and human waste? Advanced Bio-Treatment specializes in murder, suicide, drug lab, and  (really nasty) waste clean-up. It sounds like a morbid idea for money making, but ABT raked in about a million dollars during 2009 alone. And if all else fails, at least grandpa has some interesting bedtime stories for the kids.

15. Eternal Reef

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Another death-related business is Eternal Reefs, a service which provides underwater urns for individuals cremated after death. The cement globe contains holes to encourage plant growth and allow fish to swim in and out of your loved one’s ecologically friendly grave. Those purchasing the Eternal Reef are allowed to press their hands into the soft concrete, or attach a flag or sorts as a means of marking their reef. Eternal Reefs have a profit of about half a million per year.
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13 through 15 aren't "incredibly stupid".

13 is just cool. Starting with a bent paperclip and trading, that sounds like a perfect practical lesson in economics.

14 is a really useful service. The police and forensic technicians don't clean up after themselves. Even ignoring the emotional trauma of cleaning up after a crime if it your own house, there's the practical considerations too - blood is really really hard to fully clean away.

15 is only stupid if the company is not working in conjunction with environmental concerns for appropriate reef placement.
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Have to wait haver their failure or success.
You can top your list with poopsenders.com, mailpoop.com and anything related to collection or distribution of animal dookie.

I can think of many other stupid or off the wall ways to make millions-remember fuckingmachines.com ?. One way that seldom comes to mind that was brought to my attention by someone who used to work in mortuary was the casket business. It is completely mind blowing to look at the countless variety of caskets, urns and memorial accoutrements available through those who supply them.and the styles range from the most respectful to some of the tackiest creations but then, taste is a matter of personal preference.
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Great stories. I can't believe the red paperclip guy. Wow. Wish i could do that!
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