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Sep 30

24th Australasian Finance & Banking Conference

Posted by abiao at 10:45 | Others | Comments(1) | Reads(6643)
Does anyone attending the 24th Australasian Finance & Banking Conference (AFBC) happen to read this post? if yes and you are interested in having a beer, please contact me via abiao@mathfinance.cn. I am going to present a paper co-authored by my supervisor - Prof. David Newton. The conference will be on Wednesday 14 December - Friday 16 December, 2011 and an accompanying PhD Forum will be on Tuesday 13 December, 2011, in Sydney, Australia.

The Australasian Finance and Banking Conference, organised by the Institute of Global Finance and School of Banking & Finance at the Australian School of Business at UNSW, will converge in Sydney in December 2011. This conference provides international academics and industry with the opportunity to meet and share their research and interest in finance related fields. The conference would like to invite all academics and practitioners to participate. The conference is the most prestigious finance conference in the Asia-Pacific region, and brings together the world's foremost leaders of thought from the financial community.


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