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Nov 5

56 ethnic groups in China

Posted by abiao at 20:13 | Others | Comments(0) | Reads(6508)
I often saw how surprised my friend was when I told him there are 56 ethnic groups in China, in many people's eyes, Chinese look like the same, which is understandble as around 91.59% of the population was Han Chinese and most minority ethnic groups Chinese have kept the tradition to live and stay where their ancestors used to live, hereafter leading to immobility and normally what we see overseas Chinese are Han Chinese (good or not?). I myself have only got in contact with less than 10 ethnic groups so far, however, it is indisputable each group has had a brilliant contribution to the development of China, no single group is allowed to be separated. Anyway, a beautiful flash shows the appearance difference of 56 ethnic groups in China.

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