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Jul 13

The 8th Conference of Asia-Pacific Association of Derivatives

Posted by abiao at 09:08 | Others | Comments(1) | Reads(8748)
My co-author Prof. Han and Prof. Rhu will attend the 8th Conference of Asia-Pacific Association of Derivatives and I am not going due to personal reason. Thanks for your excellent contribution, have fun and enjoy Korean beach & food.

Dear Dr. Biao Guo, Dr. Qian Han and Dr. Doojin Rhu,

I am pleased to notify that the review committee has decided to accept your paper,  “Nonparametric Tests for the Martingale Restriction: A New Approach” for the presentation at the 2011 Asia-Pacific Association of Derivatives (APAD) on August 25th and 26th.

APAD, whose inaugural conference was held in 2004, is an organization comprising academics, practitioners as well as regulators operating in the derivative markets in the Asia-Pacific region. The main objective of this association is to promote research on, and increase knowledge of, the use of derivative securities and markets. Fully supported by the Korea Exchange (KRX) and with the help of the other participating exchanges in the Asia-Pacific region, the APAD has alternated the conference venue between Busan, Korea and other places in the Asia-Pacific region such as Bangalore and Gurgaon, India in the past.

Free accommodation for the nights of August 24th and 25th and free meals will be provided for paper presenters under the auspices of the Korea Derivative Association and the Korea Exchange. You can stay at  Grand Hotel in Busan, Korea (http://www.grandhotel.co.kr/english/default.aspx), where the conference will be held. The hotel is located in the Haeundae Beach, which is known as the most beautiful beach in Korea.

Selected peer reviewed papers from the 8th annual APAD conference will appear in a special issue of the Journal of Futures Markets in August 2012. One best paper award of US $2,000 and two honorable mentions of US $1,000 respectively will be presented at the conference.

More information will be provided at the conference website at http://www.kafo.or.kr/, I am looking forward to seeing you at the conference in Busan, Korea.

Will you be having this conference this 2019?
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