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Dec 17

Conference on 'Computational Topics in Finance'

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As an ETH alumni, I am always with pleasure to post any issue regarding ETH, let alone this conference is highly relevant to our topic: quantitative finance and Rmetrics. Please read the conference announcement, courtesy of Yohan Chalabi.

Conference on 'Computational Topics in Finance'
February 19/20, 2010, National University of Singapore

We would like to announce the first 'Computational Topics in Finance' conference, taking place on February 19/20, 2010, at the National University of Singapore.

The conference will bring together developers, practitioners, and users from academia, finance and insurance, providing a platform for common discussions and exchange of ideas. The topics will include using R/Rmetrics in finance, but the conference is by no means confined to R.

You can find out more about both events on our website, http://www.rmetrics.org.

We would like to invite you to take part in the conference, and we are now accepting submissions; please send your one-page abstracts to submissions [at] rmetrics.org. The submission deadline is February 10, 2010.

We look forward to seeing you in Singapore.

Wishing you merry Christmas and a happy new year,

The organizing committee:
Diethelm Wuertz
Juri Hinz
Mahendra Mehta
David Scott  

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