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Dec 22

Java Implementation of R Language

Posted by abiao at 09:49 | Code » Java | Comments(1) | Reads(17322)
R is powerful for statistical computing, however, it has its own shortcomings such as difficult to deal with large data, which is one of the motivations of Renjin. I haven't tested it, as described on its page:
Renjin seeks to be a pure Java implementation of the R Language for Statistical Computing.

Project Goals: Build an implementation of R that:
Runs purely in the JVM, including Google App Engine
Fully compatible with (pure) R packages written for R 2.10.x
Compiles elligible, heavily-used closures to JVM byte code
Enables R-language objects to be backed by datastores other than memory

If you happen to use Java and want to test it, download the code @ http://code.google.com/p/renjin/
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samuelddarden Email
there is an interface called rJava which will allow you to run R code directly from Java.   dead trigger 2
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