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Sep 12

NAAIM 2012 Competition For Advances in Active Investment Management - $10,000 Award

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Read a post from World Beta and forward here in case you are interested. The National Association of Active Investment Managers (NAAIM) sponsors the Wagner Award annually to call for papers of academic quality that cover an innovative topic in the area of active investing. $10,000 to be awarded for Best Paper, and $3,000 and $1,000 for 2nd and 3rd ranked paper.

Paper Topics: The papers should cover an innovative topic in the area of active investing. This can be either a documented and justified investing approach or an exploration into the validity of active investing. Active investing topics can involve making investment decisions using technical analysis, quantitative analysis, etc. Papers can also address related topics such as position sizing techniques, money management approaches, scaling into and out of trades, exit strategies, etc.

Selection Criteria: Papers must be of practical significance to practitioners of active investing. The prize will be awarded to a paper resulting from research into active investment management, which NAAIM broadly defines as investment strategies and techniques that improve upon the risk-adjusted return obtainable from a passive, buy-and-hold, investment strategy. Many NAAIM members strive for consistent outperformance and focus on quantitatively or technically oriented investing. However papers that explore other types of active investment management or explore combining one or more types of active investment management will also be considered.

Prizes: Three prizes will be awarded. The best paper will receive the Wagner Award valued at $10,000; second place will receive $3,000 and third will receive $1,000. Honorable mentions or additional monetary prizes may be awarded at the judges’ discretion. In addition, the grand prizewinner will be invited to present his / her paper at the NAAIM annual conference: “NAAIM Uncommon Knowledge 2012,” May 7–9, 2012 at the Intercontinental Buckhead Atlanta in Georgia. Free conference attendance, U.S. air travel and lodging will be provided.

For more detail about submission rule, how to submit, etc., please visit the following pages:

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