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Oct 25

R API to Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation

Posted by abiao at 21:14 | Code » R/Splus | Comments(4) | Reads(26100)
Interactive Brokers via Matlab was mentioned at the old post Matlab trading code, IBrokers: R API to Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation is the R package I realize for algo trading API. Should you are also interested, you can watch the following short video about algo trading in R. You may watch from 15:00 directly.

The IBrokers package can be found at http://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/IBrokers/index.html

Have you played with this yet? I watched the video and I'm not sure what the time investment will be to get how far.
well, to start is simple, i can't tell what the time investment will be, as it totally depends on your background.
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