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Sep 14

Monte Carlo arithmetic average price Asian option

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Asian options are options where the payoff depends on the average price of the underlying asset during at least some part of the life of the option. The payoff from an average price call is max(Save - K, 0) where Save is the average value of the underlying asset calculated over a predetermined averaging period. Average price options are less expensive than regular options.

Besides anti-thetic sampling method, control variate is another popular way  for variance reduction, given the condition we can find a good proxy product, whose pricing formula is easy to get, in our case, geometric average asian option is used as control variate for arithemetic average asian option, here is a M file demonstrating Monte Carlo simulation on an arithmetic average price Asian option using a geometric average price Asian as control variate.


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Matlab? Matwha??
The link to the m file does not exist.
thanks for pointing out, I have updated the link.
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