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Apr 1

Assistant Professor Salary: China vs. UK

Posted by abiao at 13:16 | Others | Comments(0) | Reads(13402)
I will hopefully submit my PhD thesis by September, never thought I would one day work in academia, but started to seriously plan what to do after graduation: go back to industry or begin a new career at university?
china vs uk
Spent this weekend searching for opportunities both in UK and China, with emphasis on assistant professor at finance department. The results are really surprising, I heard the salary in UK is low, but never thought it is soooooooooo low, are you kidding me, UK? Except London Business School, other top universities pay extremely low, with a range of 30k GBP to 50k GBP for junior lecturer (equivalent to assistant professor) based on advertisement.

As a comparison, below is a salary list for those top mainland universities in China in GBP (econ for economics department, fin for finance department, all for assistant professor):
Shandong U (econ) 25k
Wuhan U (econ) 26k
Renmin Business School (fin) 40k
Shandong (econ) 20k
THU Shenzhen (fin) 50k
CQTBU (econ) 15k
PKU SOE (econ) 24k
SWUFE (econ) 25k
Renmin Labor and HR (econ) 32k
Fudan SOE (econ) 35k
ZJU (econ/fin) 35k
SHUFE (fin) 35k
THU SEM (econ/fin) 36k
Renmin Hanqing (fin) 39k
PKU Guanghua (econ/fin) 40k
PKU HSBC (econ) 40k
SWUFE (fin) 50k
PKU HSBC (fin) 50k
CEIBS (fin) 65k
SAIF (fin) 68k
CKGSB (econ) 125k
CKGSB (fin) 190k

Many universities in China pay similarly as in UK, I wish this post is an April fools day joke, but it is TRUE. I know we can't just compare salary when choosing a university, but still, are you kidding me, UK?

Please leave a comment if my number isn't correct.

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