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Aug 15

Basics of Using Bloomberg

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Basics of Using Bloomberg
Investors across the globe aspire to use the Bloomberg terminal which certainly gives a deep insight to almost everything from the world of investments. The guide which follows provides you with all possible information on the Bloomberg Terminal. The guide provides an overview of the following topics:
•  Starting and Installing the terminal
•  Navigating through the options
•  Checking out Tickers
•  Accessing the Help Options
•  Sending Messages
•  Getting Updates and News
•  Analysis of the Securities
The Bloomberg System requires the installation of a high functioning keyboard that comes with special keys especially made for this terminal. The crucial part for a layman is that he needs to be conversant with the navigation controls that find a discussion below.

Starting and Installing the terminal

A Bloomberg Terminal can be initiated in two ways. You can contact the Bloomberg team so that the customer care executive can list down your needs and send a sales representative to contact you accordingly. It is a noteworthy fact that the terms and conditions of the contract differ with respect to the priorities of different users and therefore is different for every user. The software being expensive, it may not sound practicable to install a separate terminal for each user. Though the software is fit to be installed into certain operating systems that are more common, the company gives a specially designed and enabled keyboard.
As soon as the installation is complete, the users need to learn the navigation process which begins with the login page where the user needs to put the login requisites as provided by the company.

Navigating through the options

The Bloomberg Terminal comes with an entirely different interface as compared with the more common ones of the ordinary system. Besides containing all the keys that an ordinary keyboard contains, the special keyboard for the terminal contains two extra keys above the F1 to F12 keys. These extra keys help the user to access the advanced features which come with this software.

For example:

In order to examine a stock, you just need to press the EQUITY button. The CURRENCY button helps you to compare the rates of the US dollars with that of the EURO and also other currencies. Through the MESSAGE key you can communicate with other users or can even send your GRABS via emails into your inbox. Every other relevant information is provided about the terminal as you go to the HELP key.

Checking out the Tickers

The Bloomberg Terminal depends on tickers and abbreviations for all its functioning. When you want to view a specific stock such as that of the Polaris Industries Inc. you just need to type in (PII) following which you need to press the EQUITY key and then press the enter key. The screen that comes up shows all the particulars concerning the stock. As a layman, one may not know all the operations and functions associated with the terminal. A regular user can grab in the functions and shortcuts with time and experience. Some of the most used shortcuts include MSFT DES DIV CACS and others. Given the variety of functions offered by the terminal it is advisable to use the menus in which you can select the functions you require.

Accessing the Help Options

HELP: The keyboard comes with a green key with HELP written on it. It helps you to navigate through the interface. If you are unable to comprehend the meaning of anything on the screen you can press the HELP key that then displays the information on the screen. It helps you out also when you are unable to navigate. In that case you can press the HELP button twice that sends a message to the Helpdesk of Bloomberg. You can sit for a live chat with the Bloomberg professionals who will then help you through your problem.

Sending Messages

MSG: The MSG key helps you to communicate with other users where you can carry out discussions. With Bloomberg you can even set the contacts of other users in your speed dial list thereby making it easier for you. It facilitates quick sending of messages. You can choose to send messages in Bloomberg using either of the two techniques. The first refers to the more common technique of sending messages through emails while the other is the more convenient method of sending messages through immediate transmission which takes a messaging window.

Getting Updates and News

The Bloomberg Terminal primarily aims at analysing the individual investments. While it monitors and records the market movements, it keeps a track of the news so as to be updated with the latest information. You can make your choice from a number of options available and also can lock the specific area or field for which you need the news updates. Suppose if a person residing in the United States wants to be updated with the news of stock market e.g. NYSE or NASDAQ, Bloomberg Terminal enables him to fix his choice. With the TOP function you can also update yourself with the fresh news of the hour. You can avail of the facility of monitoring the market movement as the terminal gives you all the coverage of the market movement which provides you with the knowledge of different market sector as well as private asset classes.
The Bloomberg Terminal is built up with the special feature that enables you to monitor the economic forecasts as well as other releases. By typing in ECO GO the user can have access to the main economic page where every data concerning economics is present. The user can be aware of the current state of economics, the current economic forecasts and the data releases. You can even make yourself acquainted with the views of all the internationally famous economists. For your output, you get to see the postings on the screen displayed before you, where you also get to see the updates. The dropdown menus help you to browse in accordance with the regions you specify from the option Region. You can also specify to your terminal the country that you want to follow.

Analysis of the Securities

One of the foremost functions of the Bloomberg Terminal is to analyse the individual securities. The system has a great capacity and asset classes are mostly included, viz.:
•  Equities
•  Currencies
•  Fixed Income securities
•  Commodities
•  ETFs
•  Mutual Funds
•  And a few more
If you are a layman or a beginner, you are required to follow certain basic functions while you are also provided with certain facilities. The Bloomberg team comes at your assistance in case you are troubled with any of the functions of the terminal. The foremost thing that most of the users do is searching the tickers for the particular field with which they are concerned. For example, if you hit the asset class (example, EQUITIES) and then type TK and then the security name (example, Polaris), the ticker referring to the security name is instantly displayed before you. If the stock that you have been searching is listed over numerous exchanges, you will be shown all the tickers related to the security name. It however requires mention that the name of the security should be typed with the correct spelling so as to avoid delays in displaying the results. It should also be seen that the security name should be specific.
As soon as you choose your ticker the starting page appears. This is the description page. The page can be accessed with no delay if the user knows the ticker. The user just needs to type DES “security ticker”. The description page shows such details as market capitalization, dividend yield, price quote, 52 week high/low, P/E ratio and more. The terminal even enables its users to have updates and information on the details of contact of the company concerned. It also makes the user aware of the breakup of earnings and revenue which depends on the location of the place, geographically. The user can go through the record of the financial side of the company.
The Bloomberg Terminal becomes all the more useful in case you want to retrieve the history of the price of a particular security for which you are eager to know the patterns of trading. You can do this by simply typing in HP and a screen will appear before you showing all the prices of the security. The terminal offers the advanced suite enabled with charting capacity for the users who want more advanced technical analysis. Bollinger bands, relative strength indicators, charts designed to compare different securities, and volume charts are some of the tools that are provided by the Bloomberg Terminal. Through this unique terminal you can even have access to the updates of a particular company of your interest.


This serves as a guide that comes handy for you if you choose to initiate yourself into using the Bloomberg Terminal. It provides the beginner with a guide for the basics of the terminal. For more advanced and in-depth knowledge into the software it is recommended to refer to the Bloomberg helpdesk where the concerned professionals solve all the queries. Anyone finding interest in the positions of the financial market can avail of the uses offered by the terminal. Other than its expense, Bloomberg Terminal has come up to be boon for its users. The terminal keeps the enthusiastic users updated with the news and updates of the financial market. In case if you have a query regarding the terminal or if you have trouble operating the system, you can post your query. I will answer your queries with pleasure.

This is a guest post by Abhishek Gupta: I was working as a Fund Administrator (Hedge Funds) with the HSBC Bank (Kolkata) for over a year. I have pursued my Bachelors in Commerce from Calcutta University and completed my postgraduate as MBA (Finance) from Calcutta Business School. Currently I am a director at Dynamic Web-Ideas where my zeal for writing was transformed from a dream to reality.

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