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May 23
Today’s real estate market is incredibly active. This means that bids are getting more competitive with every day that goes by. That being said, it is common for investors to make mistakes and purchase assets that are above market value. Whether you’re new to this business or you have years of experience, it is important to learn how to avoid these following 5 common blunders. Otherwise, you risk spending a lot of money on a property that will never bring you returns.
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1.  Start an investment without a well-established plan
Many real estate investors start spending money on property without adhering to a plan first. Basically, they purchase a type of property without getting informed. They go with the premise that the deal is fine if the property “looks good”. But what if what you see is not what you get? Have you ever thought about that? A thorough investment strategy will help you remain focused on your goals. Don’t cut things short because of lack of time and additional constraints. Evaluate existing collateral by performing an adequate level of due diligence.

2.  Get emotional
Believe it or not, some investors can be particularly emotional when investing in property.  The process is different from buying a house and be a home owner. It’s really important that you detach yourself from feelings that might get in the way of the purchase. Stick to basic principles and adhere to the formula that can bring you a return on your investment. This is the goal you should be chasing after. Settle on a budget and don’t exceed it. Have the nerve to say “no” in case you happen to be dealing with a bidding war. If the price goes beyond your budget, walk away! It’s the smart thing to do.

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3.  Fail to do their homework
There are tried and proven strategies meant to help investors build wealth. However, it is important that you do your homework before spending any money. Real estate investing is not rocket science, although in order for someone to see returns they must get informed first.  A lot of want-to-be investors are not qualified to buy property; and yet they act like they know it all. Before jumping into an industry where you know very little about you should check local market trends. Read a few related books, or better yet assess blogs and official real estate websites to stay updated with the latest changes.

4.  Underestimating tax consequences
Real estate investors can build wealth with property investment providing that they do things by the book. It is equally important that you understand how to capitalize on tax reimbursements. This way you expand your income stream; if you don’t know much about the implications of capital gains now it would the best time to get more informed. Don’t ignore the buzzword of the industry, which are “location, location, location”. The key to witnessing high returns from property investment is timing. The process is cyclical, and having a clear idea of taxes will help you get one step closer to your goal. Never stop learning and spend as much time as possible understanding basic terms like absorption rates, inventory levels, appreciation percentages, days on market and so on.

5.   Ignoring annual financial analyses
You can’t afford to play with money when dealing with real estate investments. It’s a business and for it to render returns it must be well-taken care of. As a business owner, you must review your financials every couple of months, or at least annually. Have a property manager give you statements of expenditures and receipts; also, you might want to consider performing an annual market appraisal just to have an idea of how your investment is performing.  

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Some mistakes that investors make when buying property are common; others are unacceptable. If you want to see returns on your investment, you have to do your due diligence. Whether you want to buy property in Miami or buy villas in Turkey, the rules are the same. Get to know the market first, assess risks and always get advice from a financial advisor. This way you remain on the safe side and you avoid unnecessary risks that can cost you incredible amounts if you’re not being careful.   
May 18
For a moment, just think about your own business. Ponder about how often you receive PDF docs through website download or emails. Chances are high that you receive these files at least once every business day. If so, there is utmost need to create PDF files from various apps such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, while saving money in the process. So how can you save money on PDF files?

Firstly, it is important to know what a PDF file is. PDF is an acronym for Portable Document Format. Today, many businesses use this format to, not only share, but also, distribute files. Simply put, this file format enables you to share documents with other people in a readable format while at the same time preventing your readers from changing or altering the document.

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What are the business uses for PDF files?

Your business can use PDF documents in various ways. Actually, in the modern business world, this format hardly lacks use. The following are some of the most common ways you can employ PDF documents in your business:

•  Create FAQ training manuals or e-books in MS Word and then change them to PDF files, to use them as incentives or lead generators on your website.

•  Create special reports that are related to your field or industry and then distribute them to industry or field publications or journals.

•  You can also use this file format for internal documentation, proposals, invoices, printable forms, invitations, and product fact sheets.

The above are just some of the many ways you can use PDF software to change different file formats into secure and portable PDF documents for download or distribution.

How to create PDF documents

Today, almost everyone has Acrobat Reader installed on his or her personal computer. However, not all can manage to actually create PDF document using the software. Acrobat Reader enables you to only read PDF documents. However, you cannot use the software to create PDF files by converting Excel spreadsheets and Word documents. So how does one create PDF documents?

Basically, you have two choices when it comes to creating PDF documents:

•  You can decide to purchase Acrobat Professional, which is also known as Adobe Acrobat

•  You can choose to purchase a third party  PDF software

PDF creator software is simply a third party tool that gives you the ability to create PDF documents from PowerPoint, Excel, Word, etc. All you need to do is conduct an internet search using the terms “PDF creator” or “PDF software” on your popular search engine. You will find a variety of these programs.
Surprisingly, most individuals do not have a clue whether such programs exist.

Know your needs first

If you conduct your search extensively and without hurry, you will surely settle for the best PDF creators the market has to offer. Before you embark on a search mission, it is important to know your needs first. For instance, the needs of an IT professional are quite different from those of a graphic designer.
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May 16
Applying for bank funds for a small business can oftentimes be a challenging process. In the past, bank funding was often the first option that came to mind. The problem that many business owners encounter with traditional bank funding is that it often takes too long to receive a lending decision. Furthermore, the requirements for small business loans to be approved are frequently too stringent for many business owners. The good news is that it is possible to overcome those challenges.

Being Prepared

As an entrepreneur, it is imperative that you be prepared when you submit an application for a bank loan. You must show the lender that grants you a loan offers low risk. Along with submitting a completed application with no information missing, you will also usually need to submit copies of all financial statements and cash flow documentation. Keep in mind that while traditional banks often require extensive documentation when applying for a loan, there are other small business financing options that require far less documentation.

Awaiting a Decision

In applying for a bank loan, it is important to ensure that you do not try to pressure the loan officer into making a loan decision. This can be difficult, because it often takes at least 30 days for the bank to arrive at a lending decision. Attempting to pressure the lender into making a faster loan decision can often result in a rejection, however. The most important thing you can do to speed along the process is to ensure that your documentation is complete and submitted as early as possible. Bear in mind that easy small business lending options are available that do not require you to wait a month or longer to receive a lending decision.

Anticipating Questions from the Loan Officer

Keep in mind that a confident borrower is much more likely to receive approval for a loan. Make certain you are prepared by being ready to discuss some of the most common questions asked by your lender. In particular, you should be ready to discuss the amount of money that you need and the length of time that you need it. You should also be prepared to explain what you are going to do with the funds. Finally, be ready to discuss when and how you will repay the loan.

Applying for funding for your business, it is also important to understand other small business financing options that are available. Alternative business funding options provide the opportunity to receive the funding that you need without completing lengthy applications or being grilled about why you need the funds. You can also receive a funding decision much faster, usually within 48 hours.
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May 8
Property investment has become increasingly popular. This is partly a reaction to economic uncertainty in the stock market. It is also a result of an increase in awareness of the different methods of making money in the property market. Anyone can invest in property, although you should always be aware that there are risks. As with any investment there are different levels of risks depending upon the method of investing chosen. There are eight ways to realistically incest in property:

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1.  Long term rentals
Long term rentals can require an amount of cash up front. You will need to have a sizeable deposit in order to purchase your first house and to be certain that the monthly rent received will be sufficient to cover the loan repayment plus all bills and overheads. Traditionally, this is not an effective way of earning money in the short term. Long term as the loans are repaid and the houses have gone up in value there is the opportunity to make significant returns on your investment.

2.  Fixes & Flips
This has become an increasingly well known part of property investing thanks to the participation of several celebrities. For fixes and flips to work you will need to purchase a house which is in need of repair and then get all the work done to create a stunning home. This can then be sold for far more than the purchasing price and the proceeds can be used to purchase the next property.  It would appear to be common practice to employ contractors to fix the house up rather than attempting the work yourself.

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3.  Purchase a home
Buying a property to live in is still a property investment.  The house may be chosen for convenience or for its looks and not for the practicality of a resale.  You may own the house for long time but at some point in the future you can sell it for a reasonable profit.

4.  Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
With this approach you do not actually purchase a property yourself. Instead you purchase a portion of the trust, much like a stock option or mutual funds. The REIT will invest in a variety of properties including houses, land or even government buildings. Dividends and profits are paid to the shareholders (you). The advantage of this type of investing is that you have done very little work for your profit.

5.  Long distance properties
Long distance properties can work for rentals or flipping. In essence, it is the same for both! Some property markets are so inflated that it can be impossible for the first time investor to obtain a foot hold. This is when you need to look at markets hundreds or even thousands of miles away. It will require research to establish the right part of the country for you and your aims. What if you buy a property in Turkey? You will also need to find a good real estate manager, property manager and contractor as you do not want to visit the property too often yourself!

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6.  Vacation rentals
Purchasing a vacation rental means finding a house which you can afford in a desirable holiday destination. The house is then rented out to holiday makers and the rent should cover your costs. It is possible to charge much higher rents than with long term rentals but the market can be very seasonal. This can make it difficult to make a profit, particularly as the advertising and management costs are much higher.

7.  Short term rentals
This is a particularly risky approach to property investment although it can sometimes be brought about through necessity. The idea is to purchase a property and then sell it again quickly for a profit. It relies on the market appreciating and may not mean huge returns for your investment. House prices need to rise fairly significantly to ensure you cover the legal and financial fees and it may mean being stuck with a house while waiting for the market to improve.

8.  Non performing notes
Many people find themselves in the unfortunate position of being unable to keep up with their mortgage repayments. After a set period many mortgage companies will sell the mortgage, known as a non performing note, to people or companies and you can buy them at a significant discount. Money is made on your investment by either collecting the payments from the homeowner or by foreclosing and dealing with the necessary legal procedures to sell the property and release the funds.

By Davis Miller and http://www.propertyturkey.com/
May 1
Creating websites and blogs can be a costly undertaking. If you are starting a new business and have limited resources, the high costs, usually associated with setting up a site, can be restrictive. Web hosting was previously considered an expensive and exclusive service that only established or large businesses could invest in.

Technology and Affordable Web Hosting

With the advancement of technology, cheap web hosting has become increasingly accessible. Cheap web hosting has made it possible for everyone to enjoy valuable and affordable services. A major benefit of opting for cheap web hosting is affordability.

Small businesses and individuals can choose affordable web hosting that will save them significant amounts of money. You will still be able to enjoy optimum performance without spending a fortune on web hosting. It is ideal for start ups and entrepreneurs who seek features that are user friendly and are easy to comprehend.

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Affordable web hosting accommodates a range of disk space and bandwidth needs. This type of service allows both individuals and businesses to have websites that people can access on the internet. The web hosting company is responsible for allocating bandwidth and space to the client.

Different Web Hosting Options

There are numerous website hosting options worth considering and your decision will be based on the kind of website you want to set up.

•  You need to be aware of what features and services the web hosting company provides. This ensures that you will find a web hosting solution that is suitable for your specified needs.

•  Identifying a web host service that offers low cost facilities will help you save money without compromising on quality. It is beneficial towards minimizing costs because you will not require a webmaster.

•  The web host will take on the responsibility of handling your site and providing timely solutions for any challenges that may arise.

•  If your site features aspects such as images, animation and audio, you need to have a web host that will provide you with the server space for the purpose of file storage.

•  If you are running an online business, you require a low cost service that will enable you to set up a database.

Credibility and Professionalism

Various features, such as forums and e-commerce, are used to enhance your site and make it interactive so that your customers can be actively involved. Web hosting boosts the credibility of a site by giving you email accounts through which customers and other business associates can communicate effectively with you.

Using an authentic address is essential for credibility and maintaining a professional image. Online resources have made it easy for individuals and business owners to find dependable and affordable web hosting companies that provide cost effective solutions. When you take the time to create a website, it needs to be on the web where people can easily find it.

You require a domain address that facilitates access to an original URL address. A reputable web host provides storage for your website online. Cheap web hosting is suitable if you are on a tight budget or if you prefer affordable options.
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