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Oct 6
The latest LaSalle Investment Management’s European Regional Growth Index (E-REGI) caught the eye of London based property experts Experience Invest this week.

The report looks at what cities overseas investors are looking to invest in and ranks Europe’s top 100 cities accordingly. Unsurprisingly, London and Paris still rank in first and second position, but what so consistently attracts investors to these two European powerhouses?

While other cities are rising, they still may disappoint investors in the medium term. Certain regional cities may appear to be performing well however, they might not be a suitable addition to an investment portfolio due to local market fluctuations.

The likes of London and Paris have dynamic urban centres and have all types of property investment available that helps them appeal to a wide range of investors in different assets classes and with varied investment strategies.

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Understanding the rankings
To assist investors with their quest to find a successful property investment, the LaSallereport has divided cities into four separate groups:consistent, affluent, mover and aspiring.

Anne Koeman-Sharapova, co-author of the report at LaSalle Investment Management commented: ‘We believe this new framework can help investors think more clearly about where to direct their capital. These economic growth areas bring together a rich array of investment opportunities and most importantly are underpinned by the best fundamentals across the continent.’

The likes of London and Paris top the consistent group however, investors shouldn’t write off cities ranked in other categories.
According to the report, some of the best performing cities such as Stockholm, Luxemburg, Oslo, Copenhagen-Malmo and Zürich have been ranked as affluent. Affluent cities are also considered strong for long-term investments however, due to their smaller size, it’s harder to rank them.

Manchester and Bristol
Three other UK cities featured in the top 100 places where overseas investors are likely to look at. Northern powerhouse Manchester is on the up at position 17. Again, with a varied and dynamic urban centre Manchester is also widely seen as one of the commercial capitals of the north of England. Aided by its international airport and rich history, the city has been ranked in the ‘movers’ market.

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The report highlights that timing is key when it comes to cities place movers market.
Ranked in the same category, Bristol is also attracting interest and comes in at position 25. Birmingham has risen two places in the list to position 37, the economic recovery in the area has been well documented elsewhere and the renewed growth is attracting overseas investors.

Europe’s leading cities
Mahdi Mokrane, LaSalle Investment Management’s head of research and strategy for Europe said of the report: “Having published this index for 16 years, we now have an unrivalled understanding of the different economic patterns in Europe’s leading cities.
“The index not only determines which real estate markets are likely to out or underperform in the medium term, but combined with our on the ground expertise we also use the index as a strategic framework to match cities with the most relevant investment styles.”

Markets to consider
The LaSalle Investment Management’s European Regional Growth Index is a useful source for investors who are actively thinking of investing outside of Europe’s powerhouses.
Aspiring markets are cities which have attracted investor attention through strong returns. Istanbul, Warsaw and Prague have been placed in this group.

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Experience Invest
At Experience Invest we keep a careful eye on reports like this and trends that we see from our own overseas clients. Economic growth in areas like Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds are helping some overseas investors see beyond London. At Experience Invest we’re always ready to give our overseas clients the latest information on investment opportunities all across the UK.

Experience Invest have been trading since 2004 and we’ve worked with all types of investors from first timers to high-NET-worth individuals and corporate clients. As market leaders in UK residential investments we’ve featured in The Telegraph newspaper and on Yahoo Finance. We specialise in high demand, high yield property investments. For more information, or to discuss your own investments needs please contact Experience Invest.
Sep 23
Careers in finance and its related fields are always considered to be among the most lucrative ones. There are just so many things that you can do in finance. There are those people who choose to work with loans and credit. Others are financial consultants on matters concerning savings. Perhaps one of the most popular areas of practice in business nowadays is investment. People are seeking help with investment. There are those who want to find out how they can exchange cash for gold or get cash from selling gold.

Be up to date

If you want to be successful in any career, you need to be careful enough to stay up to date with the latest in your field. In the case of investments, buying and selling of precious metals is probably one thing that you can focus on doing. It is really difficult to buy and sell gold. People will therefore come to you as an investment expert to learn about it. Therefore, what you should do is learn how to handle such cases of buying and selling precious metals.

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It is worth noting that as an investment expert, you will be meeting people who want to invest in gold and silver quite a lot. This is simply because gold and silver are very stable investments. While the stock market can collapse suddenly and you lose all your money, the opposite happens with these precious metals. As you will find out when you pay a visit to http://www.buyandsellgoldsilver.com/, there is no better investment like this one. However, there are dynamics that you need to understand.

Buy and sell at the right time

As with all investments, timing is everything. When you are buying stocks you should buy when the prices are very low and then sell when they are up. The same is the case with the buying and selling of precious metals. You should buy them when they are at a low price and then sell when they are over the roof. This is easier said than done, and that is why investment experts with an understanding of this market come in.

There are times when buying gold is not wise and other time when selling is not an option. You can get really awesome returns from your investment, but it must be a smart investment. Financial consultants come in very handy in this area. If you understand the dynamics of trading in gold and silver, then you are going to be much better than other investment professionals.

Learn from experts

You might not be able to find a school that teaches trading in gold. Nonetheless, there are platforms like buyandsellgoldsilver.com where you can get in touch with experts in this field of investment. Here you will get to learn quite a lot about investing in gold and silver. This is an area of investment that you can create a career in. In today’s world where stock markets are very erratic, gold and silver are excellent investment options.
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Sep 23
Investing in fine wine is based on a relatively simple premise. Those with enough cash to make an investment buy great wine bottles and store them in adequate conditions until those bottles become rare and they begin appreciating in value. Instead of drinking your product, you keep it in a cellar for about 10 years in order to reach full maturity. At a first glimpse, making money with wine doesn’t seem that difficult. To succeed though, you have to know the market really well.

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Fine wine is a promising type of investment – take advantage

The world’s most important type of fine wine is Bordeaux, and that hasn’t changed in decades. It is because of its quality, but also because of its scarcity. There are numerous other wine regions spread around the world that are worth investing in. Champagne and Burgundy in France, and Piedmont and Tuscany in Italy are just some of them. Nowadays, investing in wine has turned into a common type of investment. Many people are drawn by fine wine because there are no taxes involved. However, you can’t make money if you don’t know the market. It is important to understand the industry before cashing in.

Know the market to make a good profit

Wine investments have turned into an unstoppable global phenomenon. Top-tier investors are no longer spending money on bonds, commodities and stocks; they’ve gained an interest in fine wine and that’s because this form of investment comes with lower risks. Believe it or not, investing in wine can be particularly profitable as long as you know the market. The industry packs amazing varieties that have high chances of increasing in value over the years. The market itself renders incredible returns, and it can be particularly lucrative. It’s all about making the right choices at the right time, and not doing it alone.

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Luxury wines should be assessed rally closely

Luxury wines such as Bordeaux’s Chateau Lafite Rothschild are priceless tangible assets in a market that’s highly liquid. Maximum returns on investment can be attained by sourcing an adequate type of wine at an ideal time. It’s equally important to know when it’s the best time to sell. New wine markets are starting to shape up, and increasingly more Indian investors are benefiting from this valuable alternative investment. The wine industry is at an obvious rapid growth stage, which can only indicate that the future looks pretty bright for savvy investors searching to expand and diversify their portfolio.
The current popularity and increasing prices for fine wine has to do with economics, namely about supply/demand. The global demand for good-quality wine, particularly blue-chips, has triggered a limited supply. Fine wines are increasing in rarity which makes them more difficult to obtain; hence the need for investors to seek advice on how and when to invest to get their hands on those one-offs.

Overcome challenges

The wine market’s biggest issue is production quantity, which affects supply. Even though limiting the production of wine has to be done to preserve quantity, sometimes things don’t go as planned. In Europe, about 7-8 years ago, too much rain or no rain and even hail during growth season have affected the vines; these were not able to produce quality grapes. In spite of an overall slowdown during those years, the market managed to recover in 2011. The volatility was driven by colossal price range for en-primeur wine in a 2010 campaign.

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Make sensible decisions

In order to see visible returns from investing in wine, you have to know exactly what you’re buying. Don’t make rush decisions and under no circumstances spend money on a product you know nothing about. Don’t put your trust in something you can’t prove. It’s is a good idea to talk to a professional in the wine business. A skilled merchant has connections; he has a background in the business, and he will be able to help you make the most realistic choices.

Invest in wine only after you’ve assessed the market. Get more familiar with the product and try to understand that not all wines are the same. A wine that you enjoy drinking may have no investment potential, which is why it’s so crucial to be informed.
Sep 21
Retirement income strategies may seem like something that can be put onto the backburner because it’s a long way away. However, time flies by, and before you know it, you may not have enough of a nest egg to support your lifestyle.
Official figures from the government show that around 12 million people are not saving enough for the future.
Thanks to recent reforms, such as the auto-enrolment of employees on a pension scheme and new pension freedoms for those aged over 55, many people are starting to think about retirement income strategies earlier in life.

When is the best time to start saving?
When it comes to your retirement, the earlier you start saving, the better.
Before the auto-enrolment of employees, many people didn’t start saving until they were in their late 30s or even their 40s. However, new reforms have helped to highlight the importance of saving and investing for a retirement fund. The concept is simple; the earlier you save, the more money you will have stashed away for your retirement.

Watch video and listen to Jerald Solis, Business Development and Acquisitions Director at Experience Invest speak about investing for a retirement income.

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Retirement investment options
When considering retirement income strategies, you should consider the tax implications. After all, tax penalties will eat into your profits.
If you are serious about investing for your future, a financial advisor would be a good place to start.
They will help you decide how much you should invest, how much you should save and can also advise you on any tax implications.
Seek advice from a trustworthy financial advisor and explain how much you would ideally like to have per year for your retirement.

Pension reforms
As of April 2015, savers in the UK were given the flexibility to spend their pension pot as they see fit.
Now anyone with a defined contribution pension – where employer and employee contributions are paid into an individual pot – can access all of their cash at the age of 55.
However, those with a public sector pension (doctors, civil servants etc.), private sector workers with valuable defined pensions, savers with older plans which have an exit fee attached and those who have already bought an annuity will not have the same freedoms.
Those who are able to access their whole pension pot should understand that this great freedom comes with great responsibility.
Savers who opt to take out their whole retirement fund will be subject to tax at their marginal rate. Savers can take out a quarter of their pot tax-free however, extra withdrawals will be added to and individual’s earned income and HMRC will tax this figure accordingly. Savers should be savvy when withdrawing money from their pension pot to ensure they don’t get hit with a hefty tax bill.
“It’s great that people are excited about pensions and seeing the possibilities the new rules create, but they have to open their eyes to the pitfalls too. There’s a tax trap waiting to catch the unwary – take care not to get snared,” Just Retirement group external affairs and customer insight director Stephen Lowe commented.

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Retirement income strategies

Buy-to-let property

The UK’s property market has a proven track record and can provide investors with a regular income. Popular asset classes include student accommodation, residential buy-to-lets and commercial property.
Property investment is a great way to generate an income however, investors should consider the tax implications of their purchase.
A fully managed property investment, like those available through Experience Invest, will provide investors with a passive income from the UK’s property market.

Shares and funds

Although this may seem like an intimidating option, shares and funds are a good income producing option.
If you have a limited knowledge of shares, multi-manager funds offer a wide range of shares, bonds and other income producing options.
Investors can buy into a fund and essentially let their money do the rest.

Saving: ISAs

ISAs provide an alternative way to save tax free. Currently, savers can stash away up to £15,240 per year tax free and receive interest on their funds (albeit a low level of interest depending on the bank).
ISAs are more flexible than saving money in a pension pot and offer a far simpler way to save. This form of saving can provide a hands-off way to put money to one side for your retirement.

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Peer-to-peer lending

A relatively new concept. Peer-to-peer lending allows individuals to lend money directly to those looking for loans. Essentially this type of lending eliminates the role of a bank.
There is an element of risk involved however, it’s not actually that large as you can split your money between numbers of borrowers to minimise risk. Lenders are rewarded with impressive returns.

Zopa, the largest peer-to-peer lending firm, says that no one has yet lost money using their service.
Try to review and reconsider your retirement income strategies regularly. This will enable you to react to any changes to the market and it will help you to secure the best possible returns.
Sep 10
Real Estate is a huge market, even at the height of the recession brokers were needed to sell houses, particularly for those desperate to sell before they were repossessed. The market has since recovered and many real estate professionals are looking at new ways to market their business. Social media is, perhaps, one of the most obvious starting points.  It is easy to set up an online profile and attempt to market your services.
However, by not doing enough research and developing a strategy for your advertising you are leaving yourself open to making the following mistakes; these are particularly relevant when dealing with social media:

A social media site is not the place to boast about the deals you have completed. You will come across as arrogant and the majority of people will struggle to relate to you.  A far better way of showing that you have made some good sales is to publicly thank your clients for choosing your services. This will show that you are hard working. Injecting a bit of your own personality into your postings will also ensure people know you are human!

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Forgetting to Control Your Postings
Social media is often used to post a variety of vague postings which can potentially offend people. Your online presence must remain professional and focus on your business. Avoid posting random thoughts or comments on other peoples postings unless they are positive. It is also essential to update your posts regularly but not too often. Sharing too much or popping up on your follower’s pages every ten minutes will soon have them disassociating with you. Your content should be friendly, professional and mention your business without looking like you running an advertisement campaign.

Not Adding Pictures
Many of social media’s best postings are simply pictures with a caption and this can be an excellent way to introduce a property to a large market. But never Photoshop the picture or overstate the product or your service. This can quickly backfire and seriously damage your online profile, your reputation and, ultimately, your business.

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Allowing anyone to Post to Your Account
A social media account is yours and you should be very careful if you allow anyone else access to it or to posting on it. Whatever they say or post will reflect on you and can be very difficult to successfully retract. You must trust anyone allowed to post on your account.

Making the Account too Personal
A small amount of the personal should be included, this makes you human.  But, it is essential to remember that your profile is to promote your business and not to engage in idle talk with as many friends as you can collect. This will quickly drain your time and stop you from running a successful business.
Forgetting to Post Original Comment
A big part of social media advertising is reposting already use content; whether the content is yours or someone else’s. However, it is essential to post new, original content regularly.  It is this that will keep customers and potential customers returning to your site; particularly if you focus on a specific niche.

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Paying Others to Like Your Pages
This is another attempt at improving your status which can seriously backfire. It also contravenes most social media site’s regulations and can result in your account being closed. There are far better, more effective ways to spend your advertising budget.

Only Using One Social Media Site
It can be time consuming posting and monitoring the various social media sites and it is easy to focus on one site. However, this means you will be missing out on a large group of potential customers and you will be unable to link with certain people that may prove beneficial to your business. It can help to use software which creates automatic posting; this will ensure you have regular updates on all your social media sites.

Potential customers need to know who you are and how you can help, the slower the market the more important it is to spend the money on advertising and build a new customer base. If you’re buying villas in Antalya with the purpose of selling them afterwards, you should be aware of the mistakes presented above; they’ll help you make it!
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