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Oct 15

Myths and reality – should you invest in real estate or not?

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Investing in real estate may be intimidating at first, but it is a good option for long-term investing and it can bring you good return rates if you do your research and build up your confidence. You might also be discouraged by some widely circulating myths about investing in real estate, so here’s a few that we have heard of over the years:

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Myth number 1:“There’s too much competition on the real estate market!”
It’s true that a lot of individuals and companies invest in real-estate, but the market is not over-saturated, you can still find good deals and go for it. Actually, not all real estate investors are making moves all the time, some of them just wait for a good deal to fall into their lap. If you do your research properly, you will always find properties for sale and opportunities to invest: don’t hesitate to act on them. There is plenty of room to find available properties and have the chance to invest in them.

Myth number 2:“But I need to already be rich to invest in real estate!”

Of course that would help a lot, but investing in real-estate is not exclusively reserved to people with a lot of money. If you will find a good deal and keep your eyes open for real opportunities, you will be able to convince other people to invest. Even if you start out small and don’t get rich very fast, keep on building and you will get to higher and higher investments. Check out funding options or look for a partner that can bring in money at the beginning. If everything goes well you can put together your gains from several good investments and you can go for a bigger deal.

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Myth number 3:“Only institutions and full-time pros make it in real estate, right?”

Very few of the individuals or institutions that chose to be investors in real estate do this as a full-time job. The truth is that a lot of real estate investors work in other domains of activity and use real estate as an alternative source of income. This makes sense when you need to have a steady earning job and you don’t have huge amounts of money to gable on the real estate market. So, naturally, real estate becomes an activity that supplements your full-time job and does not always replace it.

Myth number 4:“But I will need outstanding credit to invest!”
You will most probably need a credit to invest, yes, but I would not call it “outstanding” – an average stable credit will be enough for starting out. You don’t necessarily need a huge amount of money, you don’t have to go for the best deals and get rich overnight, real estate usually takes time and patience and it’s best to start with affordable deals, to assume reasonable risks before plunging into the big game.

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Myth number 5: “I don’t have time for this! I have kids and a full time job that don’t allow me to handle this”
Myth busted – it’s possible to keep your full time job and start investing in real-estate. At the beginning, you will do a lot of scouting anyway and you can use that as an opportunity to explore the neighborhood or other places. Take your kids with you and teach them a few basic lessons about investing – if that is not investment in the future, I don’t know what is!Ok, it is true that you will have to dedicate several hours for this and some weekends of leisure will be compromised, but consider it a good way of spending some hours that you would’ve otherwise spend unproductively. Concentrate a bit more on time management and you will allow yourself to keep the full-time job, the real estate investing and your free time.

Bottom line is everyone can invest in real estate! However you must do it smart otherwise you’ll end up losing cash rather than winning. Make an informed decision by asking for advice from authorized realtors, and get to know the market before investing any money in Istanbul property. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an expert, the key is to understand what you’re doing.

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