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Nov 4

Emerging Inefficiencies in the Financial World and Innovative Solutions that Address Those Needs

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The world we live in is constantly changing. The financial industry does not come as an exception to this rule. It is an environment that evolves continuously featuring inefficiencies that need innovative solutions to address its needs.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Payment Processing
One of the main inefficiencies in the financial world is related to payment processing. The great majority of study respondents agree with the fact that a better understanding of how artificial intelligence technologies work and can apply to this sector is required. Efficiency is necessary to be achieved for a proper evolution of the entire industry. Factors like the attitude of senior payment specialists in the banking sector as well as the corporative market play an important role in the way in which such solutions can be implemented.

92% of the respondents in the main studies done in the last few years acknowledge the importance of gaining new insights and a better understanding of how AI functions and can be applied in the financial industry. 72% of those interviewed consider it to be an important solution with potential of solving a wide variety of current issues addressed by the institutions and the public. 67% of them are also certain of the fact that serious improvements will become possible in the next two years due to a serious increase in awareness among all the parties involved.

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Other Areas of Interest for Proper Solutions
Other areas that have been considered important among the studies refer to customer retention, the way in which the message area could be repaired as well as the exception handling process. Numerous people and specialists consider payment reconciliation processes necessary to be further developed together with innovative solutions for better payment validation techniques and the overall process of authorization in the financial world.
Such inefficiencies influence the banking sector as much as they influence the corporate industry. A proper identification of valid solutions and their application could help everyone have an easier life. Technology plays a huge role in the whole process because changes in this field enable better overall financial operations as well.

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Inefficiencies and Solutions in the Field of Cash Handling
The overall changes in technology have brought new solutions for electronic payments in the last few years. However, there are still important steps to be taken for improving the overall process even more. On the other hand, less improvement has been achieved in terms of cash handling. Despite the valuable predictions coming from technology providers looking to develop solutions in this area as well, there are still issues that have not been properly addressed.
Moreover, the coins and notes are on the rise which proves that the cash industry is not going to be completely replaced by other methods any time soon or at least not in a percentage that would bring a huge difference. As far as recent reports have revealed, there are still huge amounts of cash transactions registered around the world. However, it is also predicted that the inefficiencies that are encountered in most cases will create more challenges for banks and corporations who will try to find better ways of handling the way in which cash is handled and gets into the hands of their customers or their own.
The most important issue in this case comes from the creation of a whole chain of necessary transactions because money is transferred from one party to another and everything needs to be clearly registered and accounted for during the entire cash cycle. This brings extra costs for all the parties involved and creates an unnecessary burden for everyone. Not to mention the human error factor that also plays a very important role. The real solution in this case is the development of an improved and simplified system of cash management.

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All in all, there are still endless inefficiencies in the financial world that need to be seriously addressed for valid solutions to be discovered and properly applied. The good news is that everyone wants risk assessment softwarebecause these issues affect them all and leads to unnecessary extra expenses, more employees required to keep things on hold and more time to be spent.

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