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Nov 9

How saving capital gain tax is a crucial aspect for a property seller

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Many investors today still consider house property an attractive form of investment. That’s mainly because of the quick value appreciation factor provided. However, once you’ve decided to sell, the profit margin waiting for you is better known as capital gain; this leads to tax accumulations. In this case, it might be a good idea to know some basic rules before investing so as to be aware of the costs involved, and learn how to avoid massive tax liability as well as additional pitfalls.

Proper timing

One of the key aspects one must be aware of prior to putting their home up for sale is timing scale. Proper timing matters even when you’re not taking advantage of the market’s situation; it must be considered for making optimum gains too. For instance, if the property sold is being transferred in the first 5 years there are tax deductions you can apply for; these can be claimed for repayment of property loan and it will be reversed.
Furthermore, if you sell a home after only living or owning it for just three years, you can get a concessional tax deduction on the capital gain since the LTCG (long term capital gain) is less than shot term capital gain tax – this applies only if you sell the property in three years from the buy. The seller is at liberty to adjust the property cost following the indexation to save cash on capital gains. Even more so, you make an investment and use the capital gain from capital gain saving instrument if you sell the property in 3 years.

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Further benefits of owning and then selling a property

Capital gain is better described as extra sale consideration over acquisition costs, improvement costs and expenses when transferring the property. With LTCG, improvements and acquisition costs are recalculated to match with the inflation with a notified cost inflation indexation. In case you’ve acquired the property as inheritance or gift, the capital gain is made up of basic costs attributed to the previous owner.

If you bought the property before 1981, the cost of acquisition belongs to the original owners or the property’s fair market value – which ever of these two is higher. It might be a good idea to keep in mind that the property’s stamp duty value will be considered a complete sale value when the sale is done for tax purposes – just in case the consideration accruing or received following a transfer is less that the value acquired for stamp duty purposes. Savings on capital gain taxes are only available against LTCG through reinvesting the capital gain in:
-  Residential property either by purchasing in 1 year before the sale, or 2 years following the sale; or construction of the exact same property in 3 years from the sale date. However if you don’t make the investment prior to the due date of completing the income tax return form, the gains will have to be placed in a capital gains account.
-  Capital gains savings bonds in 6 month following the transfer

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Tips for saving on capital gain tax when selling property

There’s a section 54 under the property seller set of rules and regulations that says sellers are at liberty to claim tax exemption. However, to avail the benefit sellers must make use of the whole capital gain (profit) in order to be eligible for another house. There are two options they can use: they can either purchase another house in 2 years from selling the first, or they can build one in 3 years. But if the seller can’t purchase a property in 3 years following the selling of the first one, the capital gain accumulated will be revealed to LTCG. Bottom line is, in order to save long-term capital gain, sellers must buy a property in 2 years after they’ve sold their old one, or better yet, build one in 3 years.

Saving cash on capital gain taxes is doable, but there are certain rules property sellers must abide by. The better you know the real estate market, the higher chances you have to make a smart investment and saving money. It’s all about settling some priorities and knowing the ins and outs of the market, or consulting with a professional realtor.

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