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Feb 25

Top ten real estate markets to watch in 2015

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America has slowly but surely been recovering from the economic crisis in 2008. The housing market has always been a good indicator of consumer confidence; on the whole it has rebounded well. Many places are benefiting from the market bounce back. Obviously some areas will experience far stronger growth, whether it is in sales or prices, or maybe even both.

It is a diverse market; there are large cities with many older properties, smaller more modern cities which have new constructions and even a few more remote places. The most important ones to watch are as follows:
1.  Atlanta
Atlanta was stroke hard by the bursting of the bubble as the recession hit. It has taken longer to show signs of recovery but is now starting to rebound. It is likely that this market will achieve 7% growth in total households. There is a good level of employment here, coupled with decent incomes. On top of this, Atlanta is still relatively affordable despite the forecast that city homes are predicted to be up 11% during 2015.
Bright Atlanta
2.  Dallas
Always a good market and 2015 is expected to be no different. Despite being home to at least 20 billionaires, this has not had an adverse affect on the market. It is likely that the Southern City will set a new record for employment records. The housing market is currently affordable and it has been very successful at bringing in new homeowners. Houses are generally bigger than the norm, but this is Texas! There are new homes being built all over the state which alleviates any worry of housing supply.
3.  Denver
It is very likely that Denver will see the largest increase in sales during 2015. It has had a very strong economy since the recession and is even setting records for employment. The most concerning thing is its declining affordability.

4.  Des Moines, IA
Des Moines is very affordable and has a high level of millennial owning their homes. This makes it very likely that it will experience strong economic growth. The capital has been described as many things, such as ‘The best place for business’ and ‘the wealthiest U.S. City’. If proof were needed then take a look at the local economy which continues to tick along; they have record employment levels with the rate of unemployment being well below the national average.
Des Moines at Night!
5.  Houston
Houston has historically always been a top market performer and this trend looks set to continue. The city’s economy is founded on the energy industry and they continue to expand and need more employment. The market is still affordable but a little on the higher side, this may cause problems when compared to other markets.  

6.  Los Angeles
As the home of the entertainment industry the city is classed as one of the least affordable in the nation. In essence, the market in L.A is still recovering from the recession. But all indicators are good. It is estimated that all the jobs lost at the time of recession will be back this year. Despite the high property prices, Los Angeles will continue to thrive.

7.  Minneapolis
Housing in Minneapolis is still affordable. Combine that with a very diverse marketplace and you have an attractive area to live in. There is low unemployment and the city draws many millennials. There’s also strong growth in the construction industry, helping to meet demand and keep the prices stable.
Minneapolis Reflection
8.  Phoenix
A sprawling desert city, it has one of the top markets for reconstruction. Due to this, there is a continuous increase in the population and the demand for housing. Income for this city is a little low as it has not yet fully recovered from the recession. Phoenix is affordable and should experience strong growth during 2015.

9.  San Jose, California
Positioned in the heart of the Silicon Valley, where the best companies in the world develop new technologies, San Jose looks promising this year. The housing market has made a full recovery from the recession and unemployment continues to be low. The biggest issue for sustained growth will be affordability. Incomes are predicted to grow at a faster rate than the last few years so this should not be an issue.

10.  Washington D.C.
Whilst the recession did not hit Washington D.C as hard as many others, various factors have contributed to slow the employment growth. With this issues resolved, the outlook is improving and there should be an upgrading in the employment rates. Besides, home ownership is expected to increase dramatically this year.

These are the 10 real estate markets in the US with the greatest potential for 2015. But then again, if you’re thinking of relocating overseas, have you ever thought of checking out property for sale in Turkey?

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