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Aug 17

Make a fantastic real estate investment with these optimal scenarios

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Investment of any sort involves placing money into something today and hoping to receive more money back at some point in the future. Some investments are long term whilst others are short term and you can expect to see an increase in your capital quickly. Of course, the quicker the return the more risk involved and you should never invest funds that you are not prepared to lose.

Real estate investment operates on a simple basic premise; buy a property, rent it and make enough money to buy another property. Over time your portfolio will increase and each house will provide you with a small income. The combination of many houses can provide a comfortable living and a capital source should you ever choose to sell some or all of your properties.

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To ensure you are making money from these investments you should bear the following points in mind:

Expectations of fair returns
The funds you use to purchase property could be invested in an alternative investment vessel such as stocks, shares or bonds. It can be easy to withdraw your money from these funds. Property investment is different; it will not allow you to withdraw your funds easily. It is essential to be sure you will have no need for the funds in the near future. You also need to ensure you are purchasing properties which will provide a regular rental income and that these funds will more than cover all your costs. If you are not able to receive returns higher than you would get investing elsewhere then there is little point in purchasing the property.

Be aware of associated risks
Real estate investment carries a fairly high level of risk, a housing price crash and wipe out your liquidity or even all your assets. The best way to reduce this risk is to purchase properties which are ready to rent, currently being rented or are in a very popular renting area. Being able to receive an income will go a long way towards reducing the risk.

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Timeless returns
Long term rentals are much easier to manage than college rentals or vacation rentals. The more boring properties are easy to rent and if you have tenants with a good credit profile then you will be likely to need little time for managing the property. The more boring and ‘normal’ the property the easier it will be to rent. Although you wish to keep the time you spend managing your property to a minimum it is always worth the effort to be fair and respectful when dealing with your tenants. A happy tenant will pay the rent and stay long term; this will make them a perfect tenant.

Focus on valuable properties
It can be very difficult to work out which areas are likely to have above market average price rises and purchase properties ready to make a quick return on your investment. This type of real estate investment can be very lucrative but it does take time and practice to ensure you get it right! You will need to be alert to any potential change in the area which will affect house prices.

Flipping properties
The term ‘flipping’ refers to purchasing a house and improving it in order to resale it for a higher price.  This is, again, more difficult and risky than simply renting properties. It will take research and practice to assess the potential of any property and the likely costs of improving it. You will then need to estimate how much value will be added to the real estate to assess whether it is worth it or not. This is another skill that will improve with time.

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It is essential to remember that the aim of purchasing any property other than your home is to make money. For example, if you have to buy villas in Antalya, first study the market carefully and your finances to ensure you can afford all necessary expenditures before launching into a career as a property tycoon. Believe it or not, there are great chances for someone to make a good profit. However, it is fundamental to abide by the rules. Don’t make uninformed decisions and whatever you do, don’t spend money on properties that only look good.

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