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Sep 10

Biggest Mistakes Real Estate Experts Make with their Marketing Efforts

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Real Estate is a huge market, even at the height of the recession brokers were needed to sell houses, particularly for those desperate to sell before they were repossessed. The market has since recovered and many real estate professionals are looking at new ways to market their business. Social media is, perhaps, one of the most obvious starting points.  It is easy to set up an online profile and attempt to market your services.
However, by not doing enough research and developing a strategy for your advertising you are leaving yourself open to making the following mistakes; these are particularly relevant when dealing with social media:

A social media site is not the place to boast about the deals you have completed. You will come across as arrogant and the majority of people will struggle to relate to you.  A far better way of showing that you have made some good sales is to publicly thank your clients for choosing your services. This will show that you are hard working. Injecting a bit of your own personality into your postings will also ensure people know you are human!

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Forgetting to Control Your Postings
Social media is often used to post a variety of vague postings which can potentially offend people. Your online presence must remain professional and focus on your business. Avoid posting random thoughts or comments on other peoples postings unless they are positive. It is also essential to update your posts regularly but not too often. Sharing too much or popping up on your follower’s pages every ten minutes will soon have them disassociating with you. Your content should be friendly, professional and mention your business without looking like you running an advertisement campaign.

Not Adding Pictures
Many of social media’s best postings are simply pictures with a caption and this can be an excellent way to introduce a property to a large market. But never Photoshop the picture or overstate the product or your service. This can quickly backfire and seriously damage your online profile, your reputation and, ultimately, your business.

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Allowing anyone to Post to Your Account
A social media account is yours and you should be very careful if you allow anyone else access to it or to posting on it. Whatever they say or post will reflect on you and can be very difficult to successfully retract. You must trust anyone allowed to post on your account.

Making the Account too Personal
A small amount of the personal should be included, this makes you human.  But, it is essential to remember that your profile is to promote your business and not to engage in idle talk with as many friends as you can collect. This will quickly drain your time and stop you from running a successful business.
Forgetting to Post Original Comment
A big part of social media advertising is reposting already use content; whether the content is yours or someone else’s. However, it is essential to post new, original content regularly.  It is this that will keep customers and potential customers returning to your site; particularly if you focus on a specific niche.

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Paying Others to Like Your Pages
This is another attempt at improving your status which can seriously backfire. It also contravenes most social media site’s regulations and can result in your account being closed. There are far better, more effective ways to spend your advertising budget.

Only Using One Social Media Site
It can be time consuming posting and monitoring the various social media sites and it is easy to focus on one site. However, this means you will be missing out on a large group of potential customers and you will be unable to link with certain people that may prove beneficial to your business. It can help to use software which creates automatic posting; this will ensure you have regular updates on all your social media sites.

Potential customers need to know who you are and how you can help, the slower the market the more important it is to spend the money on advertising and build a new customer base. If you’re buying villas in Antalya with the purpose of selling them afterwards, you should be aware of the mistakes presented above; they’ll help you make it!

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