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Oct 6

Overseas property investors still bank on London

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The latest LaSalle Investment Management’s European Regional Growth Index (E-REGI) caught the eye of London based property experts Experience Invest this week.

The report looks at what cities overseas investors are looking to invest in and ranks Europe’s top 100 cities accordingly. Unsurprisingly, London and Paris still rank in first and second position, but what so consistently attracts investors to these two European powerhouses?

While other cities are rising, they still may disappoint investors in the medium term. Certain regional cities may appear to be performing well however, they might not be a suitable addition to an investment portfolio due to local market fluctuations.

The likes of London and Paris have dynamic urban centres and have all types of property investment available that helps them appeal to a wide range of investors in different assets classes and with varied investment strategies.

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Understanding the rankings
To assist investors with their quest to find a successful property investment, the LaSallereport has divided cities into four separate groups:consistent, affluent, mover and aspiring.

Anne Koeman-Sharapova, co-author of the report at LaSalle Investment Management commented: ‘We believe this new framework can help investors think more clearly about where to direct their capital. These economic growth areas bring together a rich array of investment opportunities and most importantly are underpinned by the best fundamentals across the continent.’

The likes of London and Paris top the consistent group however, investors shouldn’t write off cities ranked in other categories.
According to the report, some of the best performing cities such as Stockholm, Luxemburg, Oslo, Copenhagen-Malmo and Zürich have been ranked as affluent. Affluent cities are also considered strong for long-term investments however, due to their smaller size, it’s harder to rank them.

Manchester and Bristol
Three other UK cities featured in the top 100 places where overseas investors are likely to look at. Northern powerhouse Manchester is on the up at position 17. Again, with a varied and dynamic urban centre Manchester is also widely seen as one of the commercial capitals of the north of England. Aided by its international airport and rich history, the city has been ranked in the ‘movers’ market.

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The report highlights that timing is key when it comes to cities place movers market.
Ranked in the same category, Bristol is also attracting interest and comes in at position 25. Birmingham has risen two places in the list to position 37, the economic recovery in the area has been well documented elsewhere and the renewed growth is attracting overseas investors.

Europe’s leading cities
Mahdi Mokrane, LaSalle Investment Management’s head of research and strategy for Europe said of the report: “Having published this index for 16 years, we now have an unrivalled understanding of the different economic patterns in Europe’s leading cities.
“The index not only determines which real estate markets are likely to out or underperform in the medium term, but combined with our on the ground expertise we also use the index as a strategic framework to match cities with the most relevant investment styles.”

Markets to consider
The LaSalle Investment Management’s European Regional Growth Index is a useful source for investors who are actively thinking of investing outside of Europe’s powerhouses.
Aspiring markets are cities which have attracted investor attention through strong returns. Istanbul, Warsaw and Prague have been placed in this group.

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Experience Invest
At Experience Invest we keep a careful eye on reports like this and trends that we see from our own overseas clients. Economic growth in areas like Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds are helping some overseas investors see beyond London. At Experience Invest we’re always ready to give our overseas clients the latest information on investment opportunities all across the UK.

Experience Invest have been trading since 2004 and we’ve worked with all types of investors from first timers to high-NET-worth individuals and corporate clients. As market leaders in UK residential investments we’ve featured in The Telegraph newspaper and on Yahoo Finance. We specialise in high demand, high yield property investments. For more information, or to discuss your own investments needs please contact Experience Invest.

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