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Nov 24

Steps you can take to start making things right in managing your money

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Money management is not just something that Wall Street executives and blue-blood Bostonians do. In fact, every single person who makes or spends money - so, every single person - engages in money management of one kind or another.

This is because money management can mean one of any number of things. It can refer to spending only what you can afford, saving up for something, building a retirement plan, investing, or paying off debt. And there are a variety of techniques and applications available, depending on what it is that you are trying to do.

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The Budget

The budget is the skeleton behind any money management idea. Without it you can't really get anywhere because you'll be steering a ship without a rudder. The upside to this is that a budget is incredibly simple to create. At its most basic, a budget is just a list of incoming-money transactions next to a list of outgoing-money transactions. Most of the time, a budget will come with four columns. The last two, on the right, are where you write the amount. Write money you spent in one column and money that came in, in the other. In the leftmost column, write the name of the expense - i.e., "week's groceries" - just a basic reminder of where the money went or came from; and in the middle, the amount of money that changed hands.

Here’s how to get started if you want to make things right and manage your money more cleverly.

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Knowing Where the Money's Going

Instead of "taking the money and vanish," the advice here more closely resembles "take the money, write down the amount, and try to keep track of your spendings." Once you have a budget going, you can start to analyze it and see what it is that you're spending the most (and least) money on. Once that's done, you can intelligently modify your spending behavior, and end up making your money last longer and go further than it would be able to otherwise.

Perhaps the best way to do this is to create categories. Everything you spend will go into one of these categories. These will be things like "bathroom necessities," "groceries," "entertainment" - going out, renting movies online, buying anything that isn't really a necessity, etc. There aren't a lot of rules set in stone for how your categories should work. Plenty of people have their systems, but it's best to find what works out for you.

Paying Off Debt

This is the beginning of making money management start to work for you. Now that you know how much money you're spending, and what you're spending it on (and hopefully, learning to save effectively by cutting costs), you can start to pay off any debts you may have. Just add them to the budget, and if possible, set them up to pay automatically, so you don't have the opportunity to forget.

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Managing money is not just about saving up. A lot of people these days have become savvy investors without having experience in the domain. Obviously, this doesn’t mean spending all you have at the stock market. Believe it or not, there are safe says to invest, and property is one of them. All you need to get started is cash (or a loan) and good advice. Talk to a professional realtor with experience in the business, and he’ll get you the best deal; even if you want to find a property in Turkey, and spend money to buy it.

Play it safe though, and try not to take unnecessary risks. The real estate market is tricky; prices go up and down all the time. That’s why it’s best to stay informed. Know as much as possible about the most recent trends, and you have a good shot at success.

Learning to manage your money is one of the best ways to free yourself up to build the kind of life you really want. Many people spend money without keeping track of it, and this means that often, they have no idea where their money is going. They tend to stay at the quality of life level they're already at.

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