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Jan 31

Happy 2014

Posted by abiao at 11:29 | Default | Comments(0) | Reads(1529)

Today is the first day of 2014 according to Chinese calendar, wish you all a very best and productive new year, keep healthy, smile and optimism smile

To myself:
2013 is a wonderful year, in the year I became a Doctor, came back China after wandering in Europe 8 years (Germany, Switzerland and U.K.), left industry where I spent 4 years and changed my career in academia. Most importantly, I have enjoyed workout in GYM and am now more healthy and confident than before, which is amazing...

I published three papers in 2013, they are:
“Regime Dependent Liquidity Determinants of Credit Default Swap Spread Changes”, with David Newton, Journal of Financial Research, 2013, 36(2), 279-298
“Is the KOSPI 200 Options Market Efficient? Parametric and Nonparametric Tests of the Martingale Restriction”, with Qian Han and Doojin Ryu, Journal of Futures Markets, 2013, 33(7), 629-652
“A Tale of Two Index Futures: The Intraday Price Discovery Process between the China Financial Futures Exchange and Singapore Exchange”, with Qian Han, Maonan Liu, and Doojin Ryu, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, 2013, 49(4), 207-222
I wish in 2014 I can publish 1 or 2 papers at a top-tier journal.

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