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Apr 1

Best Personal Finance Software Apps Available In 2016

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Staying ahead of the curve when tracking your finances can be a chore. A transaction here, a tax there, it’s easy to see how the sum would seemingly grow or shrink without your notice. Of course, all of the records are stored in your accounts, but wouldn’t it be more convenient to have a desktop and/or a mobile app that lets you sync, track and manage your finances? It really is easier that it sounds, and study shows that people who track their money on a regular basis feel more comfortable and achieve better results. So why not give it a shot? We’re here to list and provide the links to some of the most useful apps to get you up to speed when it comes to personal finance tracking.

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Quicken Premier

Starting the list off with a bang, we have the award winning Quicken Premier from Intuit. It offers complete control over tracking your transactions by using a modern interface with generated graphs and charts based on your transaction history, budgeting for the future with features that allow planning a retirement fund or that special dream getaway, all with bank-level security, constant updates and completely new software iterations each year.


Moneydance by Infinitekind is another easy-to-use, top-league player that allows both PC and Mac users complete control over their account management, online banking, investments and account registers. Moneydance has by far, the most complete and detailed reporting options currently on the market. It also allows monitoring and managing from your tablet device, so you can stay up to date even on the go.

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Buxfer is a different beast in its own, because it’s an online service platform with finance tracking features. This is a solution for those who use multiple devices and feel like it’s more convenient to log-in online instead of having a software system installed. The online dashboard offers insight into all of your synched accounts and alerts you if you crossed any of your set boundaries. It’s easy-to-use, user-friendly but lacks some of the advanced features professional software provides.


MoneyLine is one of the more straight-forward apps out there, offering quick and intuitive control over monitoring and planning your finances. Once you sync your bank account, credit card, and investment account, the task of budgeting and setting your targets comes fairly simply. The only downside of MoneyLine is the lack of mobile support, which means you’ll need keep a laptop handy if you want to check up on your money.

YouNeedABudget, YNAB

Similar to MoneyLine, YNAB offers very simple and user-friendly interface that allows you to do basic tracking and managing of your accounts and offers mobile support to top it off. Contrary to most apps we listed, YNAB is centered around users who only need the basic home finance management options such as using transactions or following your history but if you’re looking for more advanced features, this one might not be for you.

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Personal Capital

Personal Capital prides with a revolutionary design and functionality. It was founded in 2009, and it is perfect for both business and individual use. The finance software app is free, and it is particularly aimed for money management, budgeting, and personal finance for nearly all platforms and devices, including desktop, iPhone, Windows Phone and Mac. Personal Capital permits users to monitor and manage their entire financial life. Among several other functions, we should mention cash management, debt, investment, and monthly expense management.


Quickbooks is a leader in the business finance world. The app target all types of companies, regardless of their size. The app syncs files in real time; it runs monthly payrolls, imports PayPal transaction via QuickBooks Online, and it extracts data from invoices and receipts, thus generating invoices and financial estimates.

In the end, it all comes down to personal preference and needs. We encourage you to take a look at all of the apps and financial advisor software we provided above. There’s always that one feature that you absolutely want no matter the rest. The most important thing is that they all work and they are all good, but some are just (personally) better than others.

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