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[Code » Matlab] European Option Price with Excess Skewness and Kurtosis abiao 2013/05/10
[Code » Matlab] An Implementation of Markov Regime Switching Model with Time Varying Transition Probabilities in Matlab abiao 2012/06/27
[Code » Matlab] Free Historical Intra-Daily Data abiao 2012/04/16
[Code » Matlab] Numerical Simulation of Stochastic Differential Equations abiao 2011/03/16
[Code » Matlab] Markov Regime Switching Models abiao 2011/02/25
[Code » Matlab] Download Multiple Stock Quotes abiao 2011/01/06
[Code » Matlab] Happy New Year 2011 abiao 2010/12/31
[Code » Matlab] Nearest Correlation Matrix Code abiao 2010/11/10
[Code » Matlab] Quantitativefinance.co.uk abiao 2010/10/18
[Code » Matlab] Is NAG Toolbox Faster Than MATLAB's Fsolve Part II abiao 2010/10/06
[Code » Matlab] Is NAG Toolbox Faster Than MATLAB's Fsolve? abiao 2010/10/05
[Code » Matlab] Matlab Conference 2010 at Wembley Stadium London abiao 2010/09/29
[Code » Matlab] Nonlinear PCA Toolbox abiao 2010/09/14
[Code » Matlab] Reading CSV in Matlab abiao 2010/09/09
[Code » Matlab] Matlab Mobile for Iphone abiao 2010/08/31
[Code » Matlab] Send SMS in Matlab abiao 2010/07/06
[Code » Matlab] Debugging Your Thinking abiao 2010/06/24
[Code » Matlab] Matlab File Style bo 2010/05/31
[Code » Matlab] FinMetrics abiao 2010/05/28
[Code » Matlab] How to Generate Report Automatically From Matlab abiao 2010/05/24
[Code » Matlab] Matlab Comment Stripping abiao 2010/05/22
[Code » Matlab] Black Litterman Model (II) abiao 2010/05/11
[Code » Matlab] Black Litterman Model (I) abiao 2010/05/10
[Code » Matlab] Dealing with Excel Date in Matlab abiao 2010/05/05
[Code » Matlab] Kalman Filter Finance Revisited abiao 2010/04/28
[Code » Matlab] Binomial Tree Option Pricing with Discrete Dividends abiao 2010/03/18
[Code » Matlab] Calibrating Stochastic Volatility Models with Heuristic Techniques abiao 2010/03/09
[Code » Matlab] Sudoku Spreadsheet Example of Matlab Excel Link abiao 2010/02/28
[Code » Matlab] Valuation of stock option with discrete dividend abiao 2010/02/03
[Code » Matlab] Vanna Volga Method abiao 2010/01/05
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