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Feb 26

Change of Friday Reading List Setting

Posted by abiao at 11:49 | Others | Comments(1) | Reads(4202)
I made a small change to the Friday reading list section by adding a new category Articles, which can be easily seen above at the menu bar. So from now on all recommended paper, together with shared interesting articles, will not be shown on the main page any more but rather under separated Articles category . For one thing, this movement facilitates my sharing process, I don't have to add paper/articles to my reading list only on Friday; for another, since not all people like reading technical paper, they can now choose not to see them at all, which is especially a benefit to blog feed readers as the reading list will "disappear" from update.

Also, please consider sharing to your friends if you think this blog is useful by bookmarking at the right sidebar button or linking to us if possible, I do appreciate your 10 seconds support.

Have a nice weekend.  

Pretty neat and accurate, all things are in the proper place.
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