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Aug 20

Visualize Copulas

Posted by abiao at 14:09 | Code » R/Splus | Comments(6) | Reads(15938)
hi... i choose copula function for dependence modelling as my thesis.could you help me to expose to them about it because its not popular unto us
what do you mean "expose to them"? if you need some introductory paper on Copula, searching in Google will generate dozens of paper for you; for book I recommend "Copula Methods in Finance" (The Wiley Finance Series) by Umberto Cherubini, Elisa Luciano, and Walter Vecchiato.
I dont think your link above works any more. (on R/S+). Could you please check?
thanks for informing me, link is updated.
Hi, I think the link doesn't work any more...!
samuelddarden Email
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