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Nov 22

Data Mining with R, Learning with Case Studies

Posted by abiao at 12:54 | Review | Comments(1) | Reads(13148)
The book "Data Mining with R, Learning with Case Studies" received wonderful feedback from the blogger @ http://intelligenttradingtech.blogspot.com/2010/11/finally-practical-r-book-on-data-mining.html, especially the chapter on 'Predicting Stock Market Returns'. I have been looking for such a R book on data mining with detailed examples & codes for long time, and feel this book may be the one after viewing its chapters.

Unlike several other books focusing on theoretical side, this book follows a "learn by doing it" approach to data mining, this is accomplished by presenting a series of illustrative case studies for which all necessary steps, code and data are provided to the reader. Most of the main data mining processes and techniques are covered in the book by means of the presentation of four detailed case studies:
Predicting algae blooms
Predicting stock market returns
Detecting fraudulent transactions
Classifying microarray samples

I just bought @ Data Mining with R: Learning with Case Studies and haven't got yet, should you are also interested, read the content outline and download the accompanying R codes @ the author's main page http://www.liaad.up.pt/~ltorgo/DataMiningWithR/

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