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Dec 29

Days in Sydney

Posted by abiao at 16:44 | Others | Comments(0) | Reads(11705)
Spent 5 days in Sydney, it was my first time to Australia, never thought it is so far away. What an isolated land: 11-hour flight from London to Shanghai, and another 11 hours from Shanghai to Sydney. It takes even longer from Sydney to America. The good side is it is away from pollution, blue sky, clean river, stark contrast with Shanghai, which is getting more terrible.

Sydney is an interesting city: it has less Chinese than I was told, I saw more British faces there than in London; people have a leisure life, bus drivers chat through window when waiting for traffic lights, which is seldom seen in UK; we can't buy beer and other alcohol easily other than in pub (my friend told me there are usually stores selling beer besides a supermarket, but I didn't find any), in contrary, buying beer is convenient in UK, quite a few small stores in a single block open till very late; the living expense is rather high, a bottle of beer is 1.5 time more expensive than that in UK after currency adjustment. As listed here, Sydney is ranked the 14th most expensive city in the world, while London is the 18th.

Happy new year, guys. I will fly back to UK 2 days later and arrive in my city at 10:30pm on 31st, December, hopefully the train will be on time for me to join the new year party.

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