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May 30

Demystifying the Job Search Process in Quantitative Finance

Posted by Bill at 09:32 | Paper Review | Comments(0) | Reads(10717)
This is a book review for “Demystifying the Job Search Process in Quantitative Finance”, which was published by the Kindle Edition, and written by James Lin.

This book was written specifically for the “disadvantaged candidate” who is seeking a job in quantitative finance. If you are planning on graduating from a top university such as Harvard, Princeton, or Stanford, you should not have too hard of a time finding an excellent position in this field; and the book will be of little benefit.

However, if you meet any or all of the criteria mention below, you should certainly acquire this book and put it to good use.

1) Your university is not considered one of the most prestigious in the world at producing quantitative finance graduates.
2) English is not your native language, or you have little or no experience at interviewing for high level positions.
3) You presently reside in a location other than New York, London, or a major financial hub.
4) Very few if any recruiters visit your university looking to hire students in this industry.
5) You need a special visa, or a work permit to be legally employed in the country you are seeking work.
6) You have less than two years of work experience in this industry.

As you can readily see from the above list, most people other than the lucky few that were able to be selected to attend a highly thought of university, could and do benefit from this book.

This book is kind of a diary of what the author, James Lin had to go through to get a job in quantitative finance. If he could do it, then there is no reason you cannot successfully get the job you desire also.

At the present time this book is available only through Kindle, or though a special application that you can download from Amazon that allows you to read it on a PC.

The book itself covers most basic job search techniques, which are available in a ton of other locations. But, what makes it so useful, it that it teaches you to “Think out of the box”, and use other methods that more than likely you would of never considered yourself.

The book is very easy to read, understand, and most importantly of all, implement what is taught inside of it. There is not too much wasted space, filler, or knowledge that you will not find useful contained within its covers. The final chapter of the book teaches you how to get certified in C++ for very little money, which of course will later assist you in your job search.

Our rating for “DEMYSTIFYING THE JOB SEARCH PROCESS IN QUANTITATIVE FINANCE: a practical guide for entry-level quants” is five stars out of five stars. This is an extremely competitive industry, where just getting your foot in the door is often the difference between a lifetime of success or failure. If you meet any of the criteria mentioned above for the people that this publication would help, then it is a MUST have.

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