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Sep 15

Download Multiple Stock Quotes From Yahoo Finance

Posted by abiao at 10:20 | Code » VBA/Excel | Comments(53) | Reads(81186)
AAN left comments yesterday at the post Download historical stock price saying the methods I shared are either only for a single stock historical prices, such as Yahoo chinese historical stock data, or for multiple stocks quotes of the latest trading day, like Excellent Yahoo Finance Data Downloader, however, what he (and many others I guess) wants is an Excel to download multiple stocks historical quotes from Yahoo finance, fair enough.

Although I don't recommend to do this in Excel as it becomes messy with more and more stocks added, I attach a sample excel with Macro for multiple stocks quotes downloading.
PS: the main part of the macro is from http://www.mrexcel.com/forum/showthread.php?t=66516&page=2, what I did was modifying the code, allowing users to re-load data, which isn't permitted and returns an error in the original code.

1, download the attached excel, open it and enable data connections if your excel warns you for security reason;
2, fill in the stocks symbols, start & end date you need in the sheet "Input",
yahoo finance download table
3, go to macros -> view macro -> select the macro "Get_Yahoo_finance" -> run. Historical stocks prices, volumes will be downloaded from Yahoo Finance with each stock in one seperate sheet;
4, should you need to re-load the data, or add more symbols, always re-do step 2.

BTW: you are welcomed to download free real time stock quotes ADVFN.

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Thanks for sharing this!
Hello, I tried the macro for the forex, EURUSD=X, and it works, but I need data for each minutes, and not daily quotations.
can you suggest me the solution?

sorry, I am not aware of free high frequency data, let me know if you find some.
This is great. Thanks so much. What was going to take me hours, I can now accomplish in seconds!
I am trying to use this for nasdaq.com quotes instead, as nasdaq retains historical data for certain stocks that yahoo does not, is that possible?
Since this excel downloads data from Yahoo Finance, so basically you can download any data through the excel if you can also find it via Yahoo finance, otherwise not.
Is there a way to change the macro so that it pulls data from nasdaq.com instead? This would require rewriting the entire macro? Do you know anyone who is capable of doing this? It would be extremely valuable to me.
I am not familiar with the website, If nasdaq.com doesn't open an interface for people to grab data, it is impossible. The reason we can download from Yahoo finance is because it provides a function to download data.
Nasdaq.com does offer this feature, a person can right click on their interactive charts and view the underlying data, which brings you to a page with a link to download that data in excel format. an example of this is here:


in addition, the trading prices are accurate to the very 1/100 of a cent that the stock traded at.
I love you
Clifford Lundquist Email Homepage
Where can I get a web query on multiple stock quotes?
Web query on multiple stock quotes, I am not sure, both Yahoo and google don't provide such a webpage. Have you tried ADVFN via http://www.mathfinance.cn/free-download-data.html?
Miguel Michaels Email Homepage
I am not aware of free high frequency data, let me know something about web query on multiple stock quotes?
JosephHayden Email Homepage
Nice blog. thanks for sharing this valuable information. keep it up.
Thanks but it doesn't work!
Always say error 438! Any solution?
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