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Dec 21

Earn money as a part-time Quant

Posted by abiao at 00:09 | Others | Comments(2) | Reads(12316)
Thought twice before typing these words, ok, let me make it clear, this post is only for those people with similar situation with me: either being laid off as a Quant recently, or being still a student with Quant major, luckily or not, I am both types, being fired several months ago and now studying for my PhD. I am writing the post to share my experience as a part-time Quant, earn little cash to cover my living costs (plus expenses for beer in weekends), most importantly, to do jobs we like (please forgive me if you notice I add ad block on my blog, I increase my alcohol intake, practice really makes perfect...)

Hire a World of Talent at Elance

I know Elance several weeks ago refered by a friend of mine, who is a software engineer and gets used to do SOHO jobs, "why not try to be a freelancer since you now have enough self-controlled time?", that's the first reaction he had, then I knew the site and started to earn spare money. Basically Elance is a portal where companies find, hire, manage and pay contractors online, and is a place independent professionals to meet clients and get paid for delivering great results. I personally found several great projects already, not bad payment plus opportunities to practice our quant knowledge, for example, two randomly chosen projects about derivative: one is forex trading strategy
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and the other one is about option portfolio profit and loss calculation
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If you are interested, just Register Free, Looking for work?  Sign up at Elance and search over 30,000 jobs today. and Bid on the Project, once your proposal is selected, you are in and start to do the project.

The other site I personally find useful is first tutor, a site allowing people to register as a tutor and to teach part time.

Anyway, earning by doing a job I like is always cool.  

' less than 500$' seems dirt-cheap to me.  By the way, if you've got the time and knowledge (which you must have to apply for the project)  why don't you start trading yourself? And when you gain enough experience you could start working as a consultant, being much higher in the food chain than a code-monkey.
I agree with you, sjev, there are projects above $500, those two projects below $500 can be finished in few hours though. "being much higher in the food chain than a code-monkey", I like the sentence, I do trade myself using several quant strategies in Chinese market, the performance is not bad against index, and I've been adjusting them. thanks for your discussion.
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