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May 19

Eight rules a risk manager must remember

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Unlike launching rocket, managing risk is a combination of art and science that should incorporate a number of fundamental characteristics. This post is by no means another ex post analysis of the reasons of current credit crisis, instead, it is about eight simple while crucial rules a risk manager or risk analyst must keep in mind (print out and post it on your PC). Sources are from http://www.geocities.com/mrmelchi/rule.htm and http://nasdaq.riskgrades.com/clients/nasdaq/edu_course.cgi?href=Module4-L2.html.

1.There is no return without risk. Rewards go to those who take risks.
2. Be transparent. Risk should be fully understood.
3. Seek experience. Risk is measured and managed by people, not mathematical models.
4. Know what you don't know. Question the assumptions you make.
5. Communicate. Risk should be discussed openly.
6. Diversify. Multiple risks will produce more consistent rewards.
7. Show discipline. A consistent and rigorous approach will beat a constantly changing strategy.
8. Use common sense. It is better to be approximately right, than to be precisely wrong.

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