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Aug 20

Excel VBA Finance

Posted by abiao at 20:08 | Code » VBA/Excel | Comments(2) | Reads(18623)
Came across an old site Excel VBA finance application: http://www.vbnum.com/, as the mainpage explains,
Download well written EXCEL VBA code, for finance and mathematical applications. This site is designed for practitioners, researchers, and students as a tool for programming in EXCEL VBA. Users of this site can search for commonly used finance or math code, post their own code and participate in the VB Numerical Methods discussion Forum.

For instance, Finance VBA section includes GARCH, black scholes, Binomial tree option pricing, implied volatility, several other exotic option pricing, etc.

and Math VBA has random number simulation, regression, different interpolation methods...

Check it out yourself.

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check www.rnfc.org/ivey/
that's a good one.
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