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Oct 22

Financial Engineering Resource Center

Posted by abiao at 09:58 | Review | Comments(0) | Reads(6525)
This week's review is about Financial Engineering programs. What is FERC, as the site describes, "Basically, Financial engineering resource center (FERC) aggregates useful posts/info from all around the web and provides related items on a single page." In short, visitors are able to read and track the latest posts of dozens of websites on FERC only, hopefully it will save the time and improve work efficiency.

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Currently FERC has the following sections: Books, Daily news, Job, Journal, Quant answer, Software, Trading and Video. Simply from the name we can guess the content under each section, for example, daily news is about some recent interesting news might be worth reading; trading is the latest model and technique written by well-known quant trader, etc. There are subsections under several categories, Job consists of UK, US, Asia and world, Journal includes Journal of finance, Journal of financial economics, Mathematical finance, etc., where people can track the latest publications for each selected Journal.

Overall I find FERC makes my daily reading easier, checkFinancial Engineering programs if you are curious as well.

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