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Jun 24

Find MFE Program

Posted by abiao at 08:52 | Others | Comments(4) | Reads(11143)
Master of Financial Engineering (MFE) degree has increasingly become a shortcut for people willing to work at a financial institution, especially to pursue a Quantitative finance related career. There are dozens of universities around the world providing with MFE program,  for instance, Haas MFE, Columbia FE,  and NYU are indisputably among the best. Sadly or not, only a few people have the chance to study at these top schools, how do you choose other program then? which factors will you give priority when applying?  location, tuition, possibility to get financial aid, job placement?

Find MFE is a simple php+mysql page I wrote yesterday evening, the goal is to filter your ideal MFE program by the self-defined criteria, for example, you can say "I want to find a MFE program in United States, total tuition less than $40K, and with financial aid", the script will return the following MFE programs:
1.) Bentley College in  Massachusetts
2.) Florida State University in  Tallahassee
3.) Kent State University in  Kent
4.) Princeton University in  Princeton
5.) Purdue University in  West Lafayette
6.) The University of Arizona in  Arizona
7.) Vanderbilt University in  Nashville
Clicking the link leads you to a page showing the more detailed introduction of this program, including length of study, size of class, program website, etc. (some content requires you to be able to get access to those sites like Youtube, Flickr and Twitter.)

I have no idea if people would find it useful or totally rubbish, it just tests the water, anyway. I fully understand the accuracy of the searching results depends largely on the information collected, please do help to improve it by rating the MFE program, adding a comment or leaving a message. Thank you. Advanced search like the job placement can be easily added technically, depending on your feedback.

Find your ideal MFE at http://www.mathfinance.cn/findMFE.php

Very useful!!!!!That's exactly what i need!!!!
BTW, why did u choose to work before applying the MFE? Is it fairly difficult for a student to success? Please only considering this situation but not for the score. Thank you very much.
Glad to hear someone needs it. I didnot work before applying MFE, instead, I work before my PhD. Each program has its own requirement on work experience. Good luck.

I think it is a very nice application. I believe you missed several programs in Europe.
There is already a very complete list in IAFE (International Association of Financial Engineers), though without the nice tuition filtering.


You missed for instance my master which I enjoyed greatly ( not expensive and good quality ) in The Netherlands:


Now I worked in the Quant team of a global market making company located in Amsterdam.
Many thanks, JuanDiego.
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