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Aug 23

Find MFE

Posted by abiao at 13:09 | Code » Other | Comments(4) | Reads(5943)
A year ago I wrote a script to find Master of Financial Engineering (MFE) programs with country + tuition +financial aid filters (see the post at Find MFE program), however the site was down due to server maintenance reason. Today Andy from QuantNet reminds me (I almost forgot it), so I move the script to my blog with search function only in case someone is still interested,
the goal is to filter your ideal MFE program by the self-defined criteria, for example, you can say "I want to find a MFE program in United States, total tuition less than $40K, and with financial aid"

Bookmark the page Compare & Find MFE, or you can find the link at the menu navigation. I will start to expand the list soon.

hey, could you give a link of your blog page of the script? Thanks.
Please give me your contact info if you don't  mind. Many thanks
you can contact me via http://www.mathfinance.cn/contact-me, that script was off due to few people used it.
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