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May 2

First International Conference on Futures and other Derivative Markets

Posted by abiao at 09:53 | Others | Comments(2) | Reads(9245)
My colleague forwarded this email to me, I guess some of you may be interested.

First International Conference on Futures and other Derivative Markets
15-16 October 2012
Beihang University, Beijing, China

The Shanghai Futures Exchange, Beihang University and Renmin University of China are jointly organizing a conference on the topic of futures and other derivative markets. This conference aims to join academics and business economists to discuss a wide variety of topics on global derivative especially futures markets and their implications for practitioners.
Submission: Complete papers should be sent to DerivativeConference@gmail.com by July 8, 2012. Feel free to address any enquiries to this address as well.  
Participation: There is no registration fee for the conference. Presenting authors (one for each paper) will be provided two nights of accommodation at the Vision Hotel close to Beihang University.   Announcement of accepted papers will be made July 29, 2012.

Publication : All papers accepted for the conference are eligible to be considered for publication in the JOURNAL OF FUTURES MARKETS in a special issue devoted to the conference. If you wish your paper to be considered for publication in the JFM, please indicate so in your email. Papers will be reviewed for the JFM upon receipt using its normal criteria. Note that the acceptance of a paper to the conference is not a guarantee of publication by the JFM. All papers will go through the journal’s standard blind review process.

Conference Organizers : Professors Liyan HAN (Beihang University), Ke TANG (Renmin University of China) and Huiyan ZHANG (Shanghai Futures Exchange)
Program Committee:
Jun CAI, City University of Hong Kong
Jaime CASASSUS, Universidad Catolica de Chile
Guotai CHI, Dalian University of Technology
Alex FRINO, University of Sydney
Joseph FUNG, Hong Kong Baptist University
Yinhai HUA, Nanjing University of Finance and Economics
Jangkoo KANG, KAIST, Seoul, Korea
Tong Suk KIM, KAIST, Seoul, Korea
Donald LIEN, University of Texas at San Antonio
Peng LIU, Cornell University
Yiuman TSE, University of Texas at San Antonio
Giorgio VALENTE,  University of Essex
Changyun WANG, Renmin University of China
Robert  WEBB, University of Virginia
Chongfeng WU, Shanghai Jiaotong University
Jian YANG, University of Colorado

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