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Aug 31

Free Course For Only 200 Option Traders

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This guest post is brought to you by Options University.

Dear MathFinance.cn readers,

Options University is giving away $797 worth of Options Education For F.R.E.E. to the next 200 traders.

And trust me. This is not a trick, or a gimmick.

If you are wondering why we are doing this, well, with the economy being in the toilet, Options University wants to show that we're here to help you weather the storm.

So the next 200 students that follow the link below will be armed with some of the most powerful, portfolio-boosting investment education on the planet.

Follow the link below to get your hands on Options 101 and the Advanced Options Home Study Courses (the convenient online editions):

==> Get Your Free Option Trading Course

The only potentially bad news is that the amount of editions released for f.r.e.e. has to be limited to only 200, as these particular home study courses continue to be their best selling education products. But for those of you who are fast enough, please enjoy two of the best selling options education courses for f.r.e.e.

John J. Halpin

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Really cool and also correct, all things are in the correct place.
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