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May 11

Free Financial Spreadsheets

Posted by abiao at 15:50 | Code » VBA/Excel | Comments(3) | Reads(14219)
Long ago I shared a Financial Model Excel Spreadsheets Library by Thomas Ho, here is another long list of free financial excel spreadsheets for financial planning and analysis, although most of them are for corporate finance practitioners in my view, there are some samples which might be of your interest, for example:

Risk Premium - Calculates the implied risk premium in a market.
NPV & IRR  - Explains Internal Rate of Return, compares projects, etc.
Black Scholes Option Pricing - Excel add on for the pricing of options.
Forex  - Foreign market exchange simulation for Excel
Breakeven Analysis  - Pricing and breakeven analysis for optimal pricing
Option Trading Workbook - Educational toolkit for using Excel for Options
EVA Model - Template worksheets for calculating Economic Value Added (EVA)

Download at http://www.exinfm.com/free_spreadsheets.html

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