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Jan 7

Google Quant Staff

Posted by abiao at 21:07 | Others | Comments(0) | Reads(7029)
Sharing a Google Quant Staff page I created initially for myself, the motivation was to make the job more convenient since I had to search in Google too many times per day, what's worse is sometimes I prefer video results, while sometimes what I need is just PDF documents or Matlab files. Adjusting frequently with Google advanced search makes me feel silk.

Google Quant Staff is by no means an invention, I just put several searching filters in one page, that's it.
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For example, to find pdf documents about "Asian option", simply type "Asian option" in the form and click the PDF icon
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Similarly each icon stands for one filter:
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Searching results will be openned in a new browser window in Google as what I did was creating a page to filter results. You can also choose to search books in Amazon below.
PS: the page can also be used for keywords nothing to do with Quant staff as long as google catches them.

Anyway, hope you find it somehow useful:  Google Quant Staff, bookmark if you like.

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