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Nov 24

Happy Thanksgiving 2011

Posted by abiao at 11:10 | Others | Comments(2) | Reads(5622)
Time flies really quickly, I didn't realize today is the thanksgiving day until reading a post of my subscribed blog. Following last year's thanksgiving, I'd like to give my special thanks to:

1, my supervisor Prof. David Newton for supporting my research and co-authoring a submitted paper.

2, my colleagues & co-authors: Fangyi Jin, Qian Han, Doojin Ryu, and Songtao Wang for your consistent help and encouragement.

3, my blog readers for not giving up reading my posts. I have to admit that the number of posts I have written in 2011 is much less than that of last year, due to the increasing workload of my PhD research. 2012 is a more challenging year as I will graduate by Sep, 2012, I expect my PhD thesis and job hunting will occupy most of time. Hope you keep staying tuned, I will try to write whenever I can.

4, Kai dai, Joanne, Ting Qiu for your kindness to invite me to dozens of dinners, I suddenly realize I had less than 5 dinners at my home in the last month, the left were cooked by you guys.

5, ...

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