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Nov 25

Happy Thanksgiving Day

Posted by abiao at 07:44 | Others | Comments(0) | Reads(8214)
Wish all of you have a happy thanksgiving day, same as last year, I would like to take this opportunity to show my thanks to:
1, again, my supervisor Prof. David Newton, for rather willing to accept my PhD topics and always supporting me. I am not saying this for him to read, as he doesn't know my blog address :)

2, Jörg Behrens, the partner of Fintegral consulting firm, for giving me the summer internship opportunity in London, and several other colleagues @ Fintegral for your assistance & cooperation during project. It was a great time and memorable;

3, several bloggers I know or don't know, for adding my blog address to your blogs, and spreading words about my blog;

3, advertisers, especially to InvestingChannel, for advertising on my blog, which gets rid of my worry to pay blog server hosting fee;

4, all readers of my blog for your attention, I am pleased to note the total number of visitors increases 74.51% from last year.

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