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Sep 4

Help Us Spread the Word

Posted by abiao at 13:25 | Others | Comments(0) | Reads(3997)
An off topic post in weekend.

As many of you have noticed there is a row of social bookmarking icons at the right sidebar
social bookmarking icons
so that you are able to bookmark & share articles with your friends conveniently simply by clicking the icons, for example, RSS feed subscription, shared in facebook, tweet it, send to stumbleupon, add to delicious, etc.

The reason I kindly invite you to do this is to help us spread the blog, as the main purpose of it is to collect & share useful resources on internet about quantitative finance. Indeed some posts are motivated directly by the comments you left or emails you sent to me, such as Pathwise Derivative vs Finite Difference For Greeks Computation, and Numerical Recipes in VB, people involved get improved throughout the discussion. The more person visiting this site, the more excellent resources & ideas we could have, which ultimately benefits all of us. Never underestimate how important your 5-second click is to this site.

Have a nice weekend & happy sharing. Cheers.

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