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Aug 30

Is India a Quant Job Center?

Posted by abiao at 14:34 | Others | Comments(3) | Reads(7767)
Today is the British bank holiday, I am the only one sitting in the big office, no mood to do my research...

Like usual, open Browser, visit Google, since I have been looking for an internship recently, I type "Quant Jobs" and Google provides query suggestions in the search box automatically based on the hot searching terms. While I notice something interesting, Google.co.uk suggests me the terms "Quant Jobs in India" like below
Open in new window
then I switch to Google.com, still,
Open in new window
how about Google.ca
Open in new window

Unsurprisingly NewYork, London, HongKong, Tokyo are the places with many opportunities for quant, but are there also lots of quant jobs in India? is india another quant job center? I am confused, anybody knowing a quant internship in india for me :) Cheers.  

Quant_Noob Email
It is probably related to the Quant work in India supporting the work in NY, London and Hong Kong. India takes credit for discovering 0, for a reason.
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