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May 3

Twitter of the week

Posted by abiao at 18:16 | Others | Comments(0) | Reads(4514)
One good way to keep updated of my latest quantitative finance collector entries is to subscirbe by RSS or email at the righ panel "RSS feed & subscribe" section, or if yor happen to use twitter, you can follow my twitter at http://twitter.com/a_biao, where i share my latest blog post and also my life & feeling of job hunting. For example, my latest one week twitters are:
i am drunken, seriously...about 1 hour ago from web

# What Is Average Salary For A Financial Engineer? http://tinyurl.com/dl5e8q3:44 PM May 2nd from TwitterFox
# Stress test analysis http://tinyurl.com/dd5lob11:37 PM May 1st from twitterfeed
# Interview is delayed to next week due to an unexpected meeting. Have a nice weekend and bank holiday9:03 AM May 1st from twidroid
# Exotic Options Calculator http://tinyurl.com/csw7g85:48 AM May 1st from twitterfeed
# Playing For Change | Song Around The World "Stand By Me", wonderful song http://vimeo.com/25397416:09 PM Apr 30th from web
# Look forward to a quant risk role interview tomorrow.3:53 PM Apr 30th from twidroid
# MU vs Arsenal, exciting...2:06 PM Apr 29th from twidroid
# Got a short tel interview just now.11:46 AM Apr 29th from TwitterRide
# Swine flu is in London3:21 PM Apr 28th from TwitterRide
# My calibration is running overnight.8:06 AM Apr 28th from TwitterRide
# Volatility Forecasting and Trading http://tinyurl.com/cgffv24:47 AM Apr 28th from twitterfeed
# Why do only headhunters contact me? :)9:34 AM Apr 27th from TwitterRide
# @cosbeta agree.7:34 AM Apr 27th from TwitterRide in reply to cosbeta
# Terrible monday morning. Coupled ewma makes me dizzy.6:39 AM Apr 27th from TwitterRide
# think about my future over several bottles of beer8:36 AM Apr 26th from web
# prepare Tier 1 general5:56 AM Apr 26th from TwitterRide
# finally finished exam, henghenghahie10:57 AM Apr 25th from TwitterRide
# got lost, finally am here. waiting outside of classroom.7:13 AM Apr 25th from TwitterRide
# on the train to univ of greenwitch for visa english test, have to leave uk if fails. bless myself.

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