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Feb 24

Managing MATLAB Projects

Posted by abiao at 16:44 | Code » Matlab | Comments(1) | Reads(10963)
Whenever I opened my m files with Matlab, I was tired of looking for them one by one; the situation became worse for a big project with dozens of small m files. You might argue what we can do is to save all files of one project at a separated directory, well, that’s what I did, but with the expanding of project, sub-projects are created and some files are inter-correlated among those sub-projects. It therefore becomes unrealistic to separate those files any more. Is there a project management tool like Visual C++ does for cpp/hpp? mlProj is one good application I recently found.

mlProj is a tool for managing MATLAB projects. It considers
•  all opened m-files,
•  all figure windows,
•  the MATLAB path, and
•  the MATLAB workspace,
which are saved when a project is closed, and loaded when the project is opened. The projects are shown as a tree, which provides simple access to directories and files of the active project. The features include
•  add a new project,
•  open, save and close projects,
•  open files in the MATLAB editor,
•  delete files, directories and projects,
•  rename files and directories,
•  reload the tree view, and
•  add user-defined items to the mlProj menu.

downloading link and userguide are at:http://mlproj.dohmke.de/Main_Page

Thanks, I have been looking for something like this also.  Very useful!
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