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May 29

Mathematica Home Edition

Posted by bo at 23:33 | Code » Mathematica | Comments(0) | Reads(14716)
To be honest, I can't call myself a fan of Mathematica, as you can notice by the number of posts under Mathematica category of this blog. No specific or big reasons, but just because my first job required Matlab & C++, my second job required R & S+ & Matlab, my master & PhD universities don't have Mathematica installed, that's it. I personally came across this software a few times either due to the codes I could find on my interested topics having only Mathematica version, or the request by my friends & colleagues for analysis.

Mathematica Home Edition - Finance
That's why I only got to know the existence of Mathematica Home Edition today despite the fact it has been in the market for over one year! What is Mathematica Home Edition? as the webpage shows:
Mathematica Home Edition gives home users Mathematica's powerful technology, developed over 20 years and used by Nobel-winning scientists and leading corporations. It provides access to curated data, makes it easy to create and share interactive applications, and a whole lot more.

It can be used for:
Calculate mortgage, credit card, car, and student loan payments
Evaluate currency exchange rates
Monitor stock market returns and predict trends
And much more...

In short words, Mathematica Home Edition contains the same functions that can be found in Wolfram's Mathematica 7. it is the full version of Mathematica but at reduced price for recreational or personal use.

How much does it cost? $295, if you think $295 is a lot, please keep in mind the full non-student version is $2500!! Sounds a good deal? Start to Import, visualize and calculate using built-in financial data with Mathematica Home Edition.

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