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Jul 25

Matlab trading code

Posted by abiao at 07:31 | Code » Matlab | Comments(8) | Reads(26723)
I have been on vacation for exactly two weeks, reading Chinese fictions, visiting parents and friends, enjoying delicious food, etc. Life is wonderful except I have a little worry about my British visa.

Quantitative Trading: How to Build Your Own Algorithmic Trading Business is a great book I bought several months ago but had few chances to read until recently. It is an easy-to-understand book on implementing quantitative (or algorithmic) trading for independent traders. This is the area fascinating me from right the beginning of learning quantitative finance. Therefore I have started to play algorithem trading with Matlab, the three sites I have visited often within the last week are:
Recorded Webinar: Algorithmic Trading with MATLAB for Financial Applications: http://www.mathworks.com/company/events/webinars/wbnr30376.html?id=30376&p1=50647&p2=50649
Trading with Matlab: http://www.tradingwithmatlab.com/home
Interactive Brokers via Matlab: http://www.maxdama.com/2008/12/interactive-brokers-via-matlab.html

There you could find and download useful resources and API code on Matlab trading, for instance, Pairs Trading, Intraday Data Acquisition. Enjoy.

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Hi  I wonder if there are any resources ,expecially video lectures available about this course?
Thank you very much.
Jeff, by filling in the form at the right side of the page, you can get access to the free webinar
Thank you for your suggestion
However, I m not sure which form u r refering to.
Could you plz be more elaborate.
form of this page http://www.mathworks.com/company/events/webinars/wbnr30376.html?id=30376&p1=50647&p2=50649
Got it.
Thank you mate.
Hey, Thank you again for your help. However, I found those videos are a bit difficult for me, as a starter, to follow.
I wonder if you happen to know some elementary course lectures? Maybe just like M.I.T. opencourseware or so forth.
Sorry, I am not aware of other lectures except this one, however, you can try search at the video lecture site I mentioned here: http://www.mathfinance.cn/free-online-video-lecture/
samuelddarden Email
Just wanna tell that this is very helpful , Thanks for taking your time to write this. my talking angela game
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