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Jan 19

Meta Financial Functions Library

Posted by abiao at 11:00 | Code » C++ | Comments(2) | Reads(9165)
Meta Financial Functions Library is a free library for option pricing written in C++, as of now, Meta Systems offers no commercial products, and the library is still under beta, as indicated by its author: "The Meta Financial Formula Library implements many commonly used functions as correctly as possible once and then provides wrapper functions and code to be able to reuse the implemenation from other tools and languages."

At the moment Meta Financial Functions Library covers a wide range of vanilla and exotic options, which can be obviously seen from the name of functions, for example, a list of functions includes black76, black76_put, black76_call, blackscholes, gbs, gcarry, AmericanExchangeOption, AssetOrNothing, BAWAmericanApprox, BSAmericanApprox, BinaryBarrier, CashOrNothing, ComplexChooser, DiscreteAdjustedBarrier, DoubleBarrier, EquityLinkedFXO, EuropeanExchangeOption, ExchangeExchangeOption, Executive, ExtendibleWriter, ExtremeSpreadOption, FixedStrikeLookback, FloatingStrikeLookback, ForEquOptInDomCur, ForwardStartOption, GapOption, GeometricAverageRateOption, JumpDiffusion, LevyAsian, LookBarrier, OptionsOnOptions, OptionsOnTheMaxMin, PartialFixedLB, PartialFloatLB, PartialTimeBarrier, PartialTimeTwoAssetBarrier, Quanto, RollGeskeWhaley, SimpleChooser, SoftBarrier, SpreadApproximation, StandardBarrier, SuperShare, SuperShare_inlined, Swapoption, TakeoverFXoption, TimeSwitchOption, TurnbullWakemanAsian, TwoAssetBarrier, TwoAssetCashOrNothing, TwoAssetCorrelation, VasicekBondPrice, VasicekBondOption...

pig, what a long list! you shall download the library at http://www.metasystems.no/, which is free and the author makes the source code clean and publicly available, learning from others is always enjoying.

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